Hong Kong, September 12, 2022, – Today, Abalena Capital Limited announced an investment of up to $500 million in funding to develop sustainable transportation resources and technologies for the energy industry. 


“As the world energy transportation sector and mobility continue to evolve, it is important that we support technological solutions from a variety of energy sources,” said Dawood KHAN CEO of Abalena Capital. “This funding opportunity is an excellent example of the diversity of resources we have available. Abalena Capital is committed to harnessing the strengths of these technologies to ensure energy, goods, and services are moved safely, efficiently, and cleanly.”

This will be funded mainly through Abalena Capital’s internal resources and partly from the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), and Net Zero Hydrogen Fund Energy and Climate Change of the United Kingdom.

Huge and immediate need for renewable-based fuels in shipping represents an opportunity for investors, according to ‘Fuelling the Fourth Propulsion Revolution’. The report estimates that investment in green infrastructure is key, as shipping will carry more than half of the world’s net-zero fuels by 2050.


“Abalena represents a formal and devoted commitment to an important part of our strategic heritage,” said Khan. “We’re pleased that this new venture will bring together vital industry talent with significant experience of our partners in this industry along with a long and prosperous track record.”


“Allowing us to tap into lucrative and opportunistic investments in this spectrum of energy sector positioning our assets to achieve their full potential.”


About Abalena Capital Limited                                                 

Abalena Capital Limited is a private investment company that engages in the development, management, and distribution of investment for institutional and select private-client investors. Abalena Capital invests on behalf of its clients in aviation, oil and gas, hospitality, sports and media sectors. Abalena Capital has invested in partnership interests in more than 23 private funds, diversified across the entire spectrum of private equity, with investments in a number of startup companies. Abalena Capital’s team are based in London and Hong Kong.                                      


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