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The China Box


The China Box Newswire focuses on press release distribution. Our team consists of PR & marketing experts with more than 15-year of professional experience, senior writers and translators.

The China Box Newswire has been a backstage hero for years, we provided press release distribution services for 4A companies, world-leading PR agencies, and a variety of similar peer companies.

The China Box Newswire has enormous advantages in terms of PR distribution & article placement (China PR distribution page) on China’s mainland online media. We work with a network of influential news and media websites in China to push your message in front of 1.4 billion Chinese viewers, potential buyers, partners, and important decision-makers.

The China Box Newswire is not only a leading Newswire in China but also has a Global Network, which serves more than a hundred of clients worldwide.

The China Box Newswire provides both English and Chinese language services.

Please send an email to tcb@mediatcb.com, you will receive a response within 12-hour.

trusted partner in amplifying your Project brand’s voice globally

For years, The China Box Newswire works as the behind-the-scenes service provider for world leading marketing agencies, PR firms, and 4A advertising companies.