Group and the National Company Kazakh Tourism signed a new cooperation agreement at the World Travel Market exhibition in London earlier this month.

Following several successful events held in Kazakhstan, the National Company “Kazakh Tourism” was established in 2017 with the goal of continuing to promote Kazakhstan as a travel destination on a global scale.

From left to right: Amanda Wang, Global Sales Director at Group, with Talgat Amanbayev, Chairman of the Board “Kazakh Tourism” National Company” JSC

Under the scope of the agreement, Group will leverage its leading global platforms: Ctrip, Skyscanner, Travix and MakeMyTrip to jointly develop and promote tourism in Kazakhstan.

Kazakh Tourism Chairman Talgat Amanbayev: “Kazakhstan is proactively promoting international tourism, primarily by opening its borders to tourists. 78 countries are exempt from visa requirements for entry. Kazakhstan now allows Chinese and Indian residents to enter without a visa for up to 14 days.”

Chairman and Co-Founder of Group, James Liang, Said: “We are pleased to pen a new strategic agreement with Kazakh Tourism, and together, through a series of strategic campaigns, will stimulate travel recovery to the region.”

The Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s brand manager for tourism, Kazakh Tourism, offers a systematic and complete positioning of the country on both the domestic and international markets.

Kazakh Tourism Chairman Talgat Amanbayev: “We are thrilled to resume work with one of the tourism industry’s most prominent initiatives. Our team will certainly learn a significant amount of information. The results of our activities, including those related to digitalization, will thereafter be published.” Group will support destination partnerships through a series of promotional activities, leveraging key resources and its fast-growing global network of assets to develop Kazahk’s tourism industry and encourage international travellers to visit.

Kazakh Tourism places a high priority on country marketing and promotion. Mainly owing to the advertising campaign “Kazakhstan. Very nice!” has made a strong statement about itself in the international market.

The most prominent tourist destination in Central Asia started to expand the scope of its target markets after the pandemic, emphasising Asia and the Middle East, even though Kazakhstan’s active tourist markets were European countries. The Kazakh government has high expectations for the Chinese and Indian markets.


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