Summary: Travel technology is reshaping the entire travel industry. With robots, interactive VR destinations, virtual attractions, space travel, and a lot more, the industry is thriving beating against the odds such as unfavorable weather, climate, time, pandemics, and other restraints. We talked to Naimish Sinha – travel technology expert, IT specialist, and CTO at EaseMyTrip to seek his views about the role of technology in the travel industry now and in the future. Read the full story …

Travel has been a favorite pastime and sometimes a necessity for humans. Sometimes, we travel just for recreation or to explore newer, unseen destinations, while other times we may have to travel to hunt for good fortune, better jobs, work, etc. While earlier traveling and planning were quite challenging mainly because of the unavailability of handy information and resources, things are different now. Thanks to travel technology, you can plan your trip without even stepping out of your home. That’s not all! Technology is blessing the travel industry way beyond just booking your bus/ train/ air tickets or accommodation.

“Today, all you need is an internet-enabled smartphone to explore the travel options within your budget, book tickets (for transportation mode of your choice), check the traffic on the road towards your destination (if you travel by road), book accommodation even before you reach your chosen destination. Furthermore, you can now take a virtual tour of your preferred destination and then make an informed decision about whether you would really like to visit it or not. Virtual Reality is adding to the thrill and joy of travel,” says Naimish Sinha – Travel Technology Specialist, IT expert, marketing expert and CTO at EaseMyTrip.

There is no overstatement in that technology is swiftly taking over the travel industry and for all good reasons. “An incredibly amazing advancement in this sphere is that now robots are being used for disinfecting airplanes, airports, and even hotel rooms. This becomes even more important and useful if we consider situations like pandemics and other contactable infections. Thus, travel technology is making way for not only a comfortable trip every time, but also towards a safer, securer, and healthy one,” he adds.

When asked about how technology can help make travel safer for all, Naimish informed,” These days, airports across the country are making use of technology such as facial recognition. Biometric software solutions are being used largely to speed up the check-in process at airports. In other words, your eyes, shape of the face, or fingerprints can help you check in fast at the airports now.”

Technology is enthralling travelers today and many consumers are interested in taking virtual tours through Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR). You can now take a virtual tour of your hotel or enjoy being in a completely different time with metaverse. “VR and AR allow countless travelers to sit in a first-class seat, walk around the resort or hotel, experience a lounge, or try your travel destination even before you are actually there.”

What is Travel Technology?

The simplest definition of travel technology: Travel technology refers to using technology for trip planning. With the help of travel technology, travel agencies can easily book tickets for their customers and ensure they have the best travel experience. From booking tickets to accommodation, virtual tours, and more, travel technology makes travel easier, safer, better, and faster for all.

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