How to keep your room clean? A powerful and handy cleaning tool is essential. Redroad V17 is a popular cordless vacuum cleaner that easily keeps your home clean

Dual roller brush & 155AW high suction power: the core secret of powerful cleaning ability

Redroad V17 features an innovative dual roller brush design compared to ordinary single brush cordless vacuums with 4 times more cleaning power!

  1. Dual roller brush, a place to clean 2 times, double the cleaning power.
  1. Push forward and pull back vacuuming method makes cleaning power increased by 2 times. Dual roller brush provides two-way assistance, the front roller brush vacuuming and the back roller brush makes up for the suction. By reversing rotation and pushing forward and backward, the dust is gathered better and collected more efficiently into the suction port.
  2. The vacuuming method for dual roller brush pushing forward and pulling backward is more compatible with people cleaning habits.
  1. 155AW +26500pa high suction power, efficient dust removal.

Furthermore, during the cleaning process, dual roller brush closely fit to the ground、wall corners, cleaning without dead space. With 360°universal wheels, flexible and convenient to use.

Dual HEPA filter & Fifth-level Filter System, no secondary dust

Poorly filtration of vacuum cleaners make dust raised again, causing secondary pollution and even threatening respiratory health. Redroad V17 is equipped with double-layer HEPA medical grade filter and Fifth-level Filter System that easily filters dust with particles larger than 0.1μm. The activated carbon filter can adsorb odors.

7 accessories for whole house cleaning

More accessories can clean more scenes. Redroad V17 has seven accessories, including dual roller brush, crevice nozzle, mite brush, dusting brush, bottom hose, wall mount. It can easily clean floor and cope with ceiling, curtains, crib, car and other scenes.

Noise below 60db, quiet

Noisy vacuum cleaners are distracting. Redroad V17 applies a 9-phase noise reduction system, with a low noise level of 60db. Cleaning is quiet and not affecting the rest of the family.

Keep your home clean with this powerful cordless vacuum cleaner. Now purchase can get 30% off, a great deal at only 279.99 dollars!


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