Dedicated to innovation in embedded board computing, AAEON are delighted to announce an impressive breakthrough in its ATX motherboard range with the release of the new ATX-Q670A, AAEON’s first ATX board with DDR5 support.

With this innovation, the ATX-Q670A can provide customers with an unprecedented 50% increase in bandwidth and also a decrease in power consumption compared to prior generations. Particularly suited to IoT applications, the ATX-Q670A also combines the greatest maximum SATA performance with the very fastest SSD to give customer applications access to higher I/O speeds.

The ATX-Q670A is not just faster, but also far more expansive and accommodating to higher-performance modules, offering two PCIe [x16] slots alongside both a PCIe [x4] and PCIe [x1] slot, in addition to a further three PCI slots. Such specifications, alongside the ATX-Q670A’s dual graphic card support mean that it can facilitate everything from video capture to AI calculation for vision-based applications, with four independent 4K@60Hz resolution display capabilities to complete the package.

For additional protection, given the ATX-Q670A’s capacity to transfer higher volumes of data, it is equipped with a bootable USB feature to prevent bootable programs from accessing the system via a USB device.

With all of these improvements considered, it is clear that in addition to being AAEON’s first ATX board with DDR5 support, the ATX-Q670A provides customers with the ancillary features needed to optimize its power and speed. AAEON therefore anticipate the ATX-Q670A to be the board of choice for smart applications under the IoT umbrella, providing the foundation for smart healthcare and industrial automation solutions.

For more information regarding the ATX-Q670A, please visit our product page, or contact an AAEON representative directly.


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