The best cleaning method of sweeping robot should be the best combination of external cleaning and internal cleaning. With scraping, vibration mopping and 5500PA suction, it not only requires deep cleaning of the ground, but also thorough cleaning of the base station, which is the best cleaning method.

Roborock has launched a brand-new S7 Max Ultra sweeping robot, which keeps the base station clean forever by adopting innovative double scraper design and powerful sewage suction power. 5500pa suction combined with floating all-rubber main brush suitable for uneven ground can easily absorb dust and hair on floor and carpet, and effectively prevent hair entanglement. With Roborock’s unique VibraRise vibration mopping system, the floor is scrubbed at a frequency of 3000 times per minute to completely remove stubborn stains on the ground.

S7 Max Ultra is a perfect sweeping robot. When dragging a dirty mop back to the base station to clean the mop, it automatically lifts the mop to avoid secondary pollution in the clean area.

S7 Max Ultra universal base station supports the functions of automatic mop washing, automatic mop drying, automatic dust collection, automatic base station cleaning, automatic water replenishment and automatic recharge. This effectively solves the problems such as the difficulty of cleaning mop, bacteria breeding and odor emission of wet mop, and frequent cleaning of dust box. It reduces any extra maintenance work.

With the help of LiDAR-based navigation system, you can safely hand over the floor cleaning task to S7 Max Ultra, because it can create detailed maps to plan the best cleaning route.

S7 Max Ultra has advanced reactive technology to avoid obstacles, which can accurately identify and avoid obstacles. It is worth mentioning that S7 Max Ultra supports off-peak charging, and users can choose the machine to charge during off-peak hours, which saves costs and is more environmentally friendly.

S7 Max Ultra can also be connected to Amazon Alexa, allowing users to easily control the robot. You can make your own cleaning plan, set up a restricted area or use 3D mapping. The machine can also provide you with cleaning suggestions such as deep cleaning of carpets and cleaning along the floor.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra is available in black and white at the same time, so you can choose according to your preference. At present, during the listing period, you can enjoy huge price concessions until June 21, and the preferential price is as high as 250! Just 949 euros! Click Amazon for details. Link:


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