Summary: The intervention of technology has brought about drastic improvement in almost all sectors and walks of life and travel is certainly not untouched by the magic of technology. We recently spoke with Naimish Sinha – the Travel Technology Expert, IT Expert, and CTO of EaseMyTrip to seek his opinion on the amalgamation of technology and travel. Here is a quick summary of what he told us.

Technology is changing the face of the travel industry in many ways and for the better, of course. The biggest and most noticeable change is in the way people plan their trips today. It all begins with a search on the internet using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc. Researching and booking travel was never this easy as technology has made it. Besides booking travel, people use mobile devices for several on-trip activities as well such as GPS navigation while touring.

“The travel industry has come of age and technology is making it more powerful. Today, you can plan a trip alone or with your loved ones from the comforts of your home. Take a virtual tour of the hotel you intend to book your stay in during the trip or explore destinations virtually to get the feel of real travel even before you are there. It is all now very much easy and possible, all thanks to the digital transformation of the travel industry,” says Naimish Sinha – travel technology expert, IT, FinTech expert and CTO at EaseMyTrip.

Currently, the travel industry is using technology in many forms such as big data, customer services, facial recognition, information management software, etc. These technologies simplify several tasks that are otherwise time-consuming, complex, and tedious for travelers as well as travel agencies. Travel technology helps in optimizing several internal processes within travel companies.

Accessibility to information is a blessing of travel technology. Travel planning becomes easier than ever when you have all the information about your chosen destination before you begin your journey. Information such as the temperature and climate there, the languages are spoken, the kind of people and their hospitality, sites worthy of being explored, things to buy, foods to eat, places to visit, etc. can now be accessed in just a few taps on your mobile device. “Equipped with knowledge about their chosen destination, people are able to enjoy their trip more as they know all what’s, where’s, who’s, when’s, and how’s pertaining to the location they are traveling to, adds Naimish.

Another great advantage that travel technology offers users is flexibility. Whether you talk about setting reminders and alarms for finding the best flight and accommodation options or finding the best travel deals, travel technology makes it all super easy, effortless, and secure.

“Furthermore, if suppose you change your travel plan or want to cancel your trip, there is no need to chase the travel officer and travel agency. It can all be done right online with just a few mouse clicks or taps on the mobile. There is no need for you to personally visit the travel company’s office or the airline to have your ticket canceled. Everything can be done right online today. You can even buy travel insurance online today,” as per Naimish.

Online travel planning and booking are completely safe and secure. Several identity checks are performed while booking travel tickets as well as while boarding the plane to double ensure security. As part of cyber security, most airports are now equipped with devices to perform strict checking of travelers through technology-powered solutions such as facial recognition, document and fingerprint recognition, and others.

“There would be no exaggeration if we say that technology plays a vital role in the travel industry today. Travel technology helps businesses with their day-to-day operations. Improved quality of services and customer care leads to enriched customer experience. The impact of technology is so immense that the entire industry encompassing airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc. is benefitting from it,” added Naimish.

From travel planning, flight ticket booking, accommodation booking, and site seeing, to virtual tours of various national & international destinations, and navigation, everything is now so easy only because of travel technology. The future of travel technology is bright and travelers across the globe are surely going to benefit from it.

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