On suspicion of engaging in online MLM (Multi-level marketing) activities, 96 units of real estate in one building under the name of Shanghai Da Er Wei Trading Co., Ltd., which has been founded and operated by Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang were seized, with a value of USD 266 million (RMB 1.7 billion Yuan). The property cannot be sold or mortgaged during the seizure period, but the company can still use it.

The sealed-up property (96 units, USD 266 million) is located at No. 28, Jiangyao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The property was purchased by Shanghai Da Er Wei Trading Co., Ltd. in 2020, by when the company was under suspicion to run the online MLM.

According to Shanghai Da Er Wei Trading Co., Ltd.’s official website, the company would accept and cooperate with the legal investigation from relevant departments.

Zhang Ting, 51 years old, and her husband Lin Ruiyang, 61 years old, are both born in Taiwan and gets popular and famous in China’s mainland for featuring TV dramas since the 1990s.

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