The “2022 Global E-sports Summit and Tencent E-sports Annual Conference”, jointly sponsored by Tencent E-sports, Asian Electronic Sports Federation and Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture, was announced today that it will be held at Hangzhou International Expo Center from July 26th to July 27th.

With the theme of “Sprouting in Asia”, this Summit, under the background of e-sports entering Asia, cooperated with eco-partners, focused on four key words: new communication, new sports, new consumption and new industry, to discuss the issues that e-sports industry is facing in promoting international exchanges, showing competitive spirit, exploring the trend of young consumption and helping regional economic development. After the severe test of the past year, this Summit will be the first e-sports industry summit held offline this year. It is also the first industry Summit guided by E-sports Working Committee of China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association after its establishment.

The 2022 Global E-sports Summit and Tencent E-sports Annual Conference will last for two days, and consist of the Global E-sports Summit, Tencent E-sports Annual Conference, E-sports Eco-industry Exhibition and Relevant Forum.

On the morning of July 26th, the “Global E-sports Summit” will discuss and share the development trend of e-sports as an emerging industry in the new stage under the background of e-sports entering Asia through speeches and close dialogue;

On the afternoon of July 26th, the “Tencent E-sports Annual Conference” will release the overall thinking and development strategy of Tencent E-sports industry in 2022, together with various event businesses;

During the Summit from July 26th to July 27th, the “E-sports Eco-industry Exhibition and Relevant Forum”, which covers an area of 4,680 m2, will be held next to the venue. Under the background of e-sports industry’s entry into Asia, it will extend the content of the Summit, closely link eco-partners, promote industry exchanges, highlight a new mode of integration of e-sports industry and diversified consumption scenarios, and provide more opportunities for eco-partners to communicate, expose and promote.

This Summit is expected to gather partners in the whole industry in Hangzhou on July 26th to witness the value of e-sports industry in a new stage. The Summit has now initiated live streaming. Scan the small program below, and you will have the opportunity to win the booking awards such as JmGO projector, Canon camera and  Apple Watch. In addition, you can also come to the scene to share your views and insights with us by signing up for the offline visit.

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