Recently, the Shaoxing Marathon started in 2023, and 25,000 runners from all over the world set off from the intersection of Jiefang Avenue and Yangjiang Road to measure Song Rhythm Shaoxing with their footsteps.

“A thousand-year-old city trip is like swimming in a mirror.” Shaoxing ancient city is a city that has been infiltrated by culture for more than two thousand years, and every piece of green slate is telling the history. There are not only small bridges and flowing waters in the south of the Yangtze River, but also unique culture that cannot be copied.

Every year, the track full of cultural flavor is a highlight of the “Yue Marathon”. More than 10,000 runners run on the “Deepest Shaoxing” beautiful track and enjoy the “most cultural marathon”. This year’s “Yue Marathon” takes Song Rhythm culture as the main element, and further excavates cultural factors, so that Yue Marathon culture can run faster, and generate will gain new energy and write new wonderful works. The entire 42.195 km track is full of song rhyme.

This year’s event continues the classic route setting and continues to cross Shaoxing’s major cultural attractions. The track passes through Didang Lake Park, Lu Xun’s hometown, Qiu Jin Monument, Yuewangtai, Fushan Park, Lu You’s hometown, Ke Yan and Zhedong Canal Cultural Park, most of which are located in Yuecheng District. The new image of the ancient city after overall protection and utilization will be fully displayed.

Lu Xun’s hometown scenic spot is located in the 11 km stage of this marathon, which has attracted much attention because of its relatively central geographical position. A special cheerleading team composed of Shaoxing Lu Xun’s hometown Shenyuan Scenic Area holds high Lu Xun’s famous sayings and cheering banners, enthusiastically cheering for every player.

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