Allschool, a new online education platform, is rolling out its own integrated teaching tech, Classpod, that puts everything students and teachers need in a virtual learning environment at their fingertips, interactively.

Allschool puts the focus on teacher experience and expertise to create greater flexibility in learning choices for students from age 3 to 18 – whether in core subjects or extra-curricular areas, in small groups or virtual classrooms – and those classrooms aren’t your typical Zoom meeting, thanks to the Classpod technology.

No more 20th-century whiteboards or awkward communications – information and interaction are available as needed, when needed, through video, graphics, and dedicated communication interfaces, including intelligent tools, gamified practice, private sidebar instruction, and intelligent incentives for students.

“Children are easily distracted,” says a mother whose daughter is taking a range of courses. “Classpod can make children more attentive and make the learning process more efficient. It arouses her interest and improves her concentration.”

And as more than one teacher has pointed out, the personal touch of a caregiver is an important part of the learning experience.

“I think that it allows students access to such a wide variety of qualified teachers and subject areas that they don’t get just by attending their daytime schools,” says Nancy, an Allschool teacher. “And there’s a nice mixture of English-speaking subject areas.”

“My daughter likes taking language lessons, English vocabulary, and piano lessons very much,” says one Allschool mother. “The professional level of the teacher is reflected through the whole course and the curriculum design and process are very satisfactory.”

It’s also reflected in the learning outcomes that are enhanced as a result.

“She’s also very active in reviewing and repeating what she has learned. The students are both interested in learning and very happy.”

Parents everywhere have a lot on their plates. When it comes to their children, they want to be able to see the quality  – and the benefit – for themselves.

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