Shanghai Wensheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“Wensheng”) is pleased to announce that Blackstone Inc., Gortune Investment Ltd. and Guangfa Securities Co. Ltd. have made minority equity investments in Wensheng as part of the company’s third round of fundraising in October 2021.

Zhijie Zhou, Founder of Wensheng, said, “Through its business expansion, Wensheng has transitioned from a traditional non-performing loan servicer to an investment bank for distressed companies and an alternative asset manager. By leveraging its expertise in the field of non-performing assets, the company has managed to turn around distressed targets and create value in the process. It brings us great honor to have this opportunity to work with Blackstone. Blackstone is an internationally renowned investment firm managed by a team of exceptional professionals and we believe this collaboration with Blackstone will be beneficial to Wensheng’s business development going forward.”

Justin Wai, Head of China Real Estate at Blackstone, said, “Wensheng is a well-established company   which has grown exponentially since their inception in 2006. We look forward to collaborating with Wensheng to explore new investment opportunities in the China market.”

About Wensheng

Wensheng Asset Management Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is well-established in the field of non-performing loans. Its businesses include non-performing asset investment and services, restructuring of distressed companies, and distressed real estate restructuring. As of December 2020, it has built a non-performing loan portfolio of RMB 95.5 billion (including both principal and interest). Its distressed restructuring projects include Nanjing Construction Group, Beijing Huiyuan Beverage Food Limited Company (“Huiyuan”) and other well-known companies. Wensheng received court approval to be Huiyuan’s restructuring investor on June 24, 2022, and will become its controlling shareholder.  Wensheng’s distressed real estate business spans across Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Hainan.

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