“Black Friday” is coming and it’s the best time to get profitable products at the lowest prices. These two robot vacuum cleaners are a good choice to help us easily solve the problem of frequent dust box cleaning and mop cleaning.

The all-around machine Roidmi EVA not only cleans without manual intervention, but also cleans the mop regularly, solving the problem of dirty mop getting dirtier and dirtier. At the same time, the functions of automatic dust collection and air-drying mop can effectively avoid the problems of bacterial growth and peculiar smell.

In addition, the suction power of this machine is as high as 3200Pa, which can easily absorb the deep dirt and dust in the home environment. It is equipped with LDS4.0 laser navigation, which can quickly scan the whole house and automatically draw maps through the SLAM algorithm, and can carry out automatic planning through internal calculations. At the same time, it performs well in obstacle avoidance and battery life; the machine also supports voice connections such as Google and Xiaomi.

Under the premise of excellent navigation and obstacle avoidance, Roidmi EVA can easily integrate sweeping and mopping, self-cleaning mop, and automatic dust collection. It is a truly all-round robot vacuum cleaner.

Another economic model under Roidmi, Roidmi Eve Plus is equipped with automatic dust collection function, which can clean the dust box by itself and pack the garbage by itself, and the garbage disposal is sealed throughout the whole process. After each dust collection, the machine will automatically sterilize and disinfect dust mites and other microorganisms. It fully meets the needs of people who are busy with work, have no time to clean the dust box, and those who are tired of manually cleaning the dust box.

In addition, there are tens of thousands of offline retail stores of electrical appliances, and local distributors in many countries, so there is a guarantee of after-sales service. These two machines are currently on sale at a discount on Black Friday. The all-round robot vacuum cleaner Roidmi EVA is now only 724€; the automatic dust-collecting robot vacuum cleaner Roidmi Eve Plus is now only 349€

EVA :https://bit.ly/3grrXCc     EVE plus  https://bit.ly/3tQO9J0


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