The EVA 2023 model sweeper introduced two key upgrades. It features a mop lift function and a detachable tray design, effectively resolving the aforementioned problems. In addition to retaining the powerful features of the ROIDMI EVA sweeper, such as vacuuming, mopping, cleaning mop, and automatic dust collection, the EVA 2023 model incorporates comprehensive upgrades in the mopping module, base station tray, noise reduction, mop material, and anti-tangle mechanisms. These enhancements provide the machine with improved cleaning performance and a more comfortable user experience.

The EVA 2023 model sweeper addresses the following two major pain points:

Mop lift function to prevent secondary pollution and wet carpet issues:

The EVA 2023 sweeper, while inheriting the powerful cleaning performance and all-round base station features of the EVA sweeper, introduces a new mop lift function. When the mop needs to be washed, the sweeper automatically lifts it, preventing direct contact between the dirty mop and the floor, thus avoiding secondary pollution. Moreover, the sweeper detects carpets and lifts the mop in advance before cleaning, preventing the wet mop from dampening the carpet. This eliminates the need for users to disassemble the wet mop beforehand or perform secondary cleaning, providing a convenient one-time solution for floor and carpet cleaning.

Removable tray for simplified base station cleaning and maintenance:

Daily maintenance of the base station often involves cleaning. However, the non-detachable cleaning tray makes thorough cleaning difficult, requiring manual wiping with wet cloths. Over time, stubborn stains accumulate in the corners. To address this, the ROIDMI EVA 2023 base station incorporates a removable cleaning tray design, allowing users to directly remove the tray and rinse it with water, simplifying and facilitating maintenance.

In addition to the mop lift and removable tray features, the EVA 2023 model sweeper optimizes bumper collision for improved noise reduction. The mop cloth material is upgraded to enhance mopping effectiveness, and the base station flash screen and drive wheel hair entanglement are optimized, further enhancing the user experience. The drive wheel now has eight tendons instead of four, providing more power and stability. The clear water tank and dirty water tank materials are also improved to enhance antibacterial capabilities.

The EVA 2023 model is a powerful all-round sweeper that combines various functions such as vacuuming, mopping, self-cleaning mop, automatic dust collection, and mop lifting. It also incorporates features like LDS 4.0 laser navigation, infrared obstacle avoidance, and intelligent zoning, significantly improving cleaning efficiency and offering a hands-free and comfortable user experience.

The ROIDMI EVA 2023 sweeper has been released globally, delivering enhanced cleaning performance and a greatly improved user experience, making it a worthwhile purchase.


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