Roborock’s brand-new explosive sweeping robot S7 Max Ultra made its debut this year. As a new member of S7 series, it continues S7′ s powerful cleaning performance, adds an all-round Ultra Dock base station, and upgrades its vacuuming, mopping the floor, obstacle avoidance and APP. Real automatic cleaning can be easily realized without manual intervention.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra

Compared with ordinary base stations that only support mop self-cleaning, Ultra Dock base stations are more versatile. It not only supports automatic dust collection and mop cleaning, but also can automatically dry mop, automatically clean base station, replenish water and quickly charge. Without manual intervention, it can solve the mess by itself, greatly reducing the extra maintenance work and completely freeing hands.

It is worth mentioning that S7 Max Ultra supports off-peak charging, and the machine can charge during off-peak hours, cost-saving and environmentally friendly.

S7 Max Ultra has strong cleaning power. The suction is as high as 5,500 Pa, which is 400 Pa more than last year’s flagship S7 MaxV Ultra 5100Pa. With VibraRise mopping system and floating all-rubber main brush suitable for uneven ground, stubborn stains on the ground and dust deep in carpet can be removed, and the anti-winding ability can be improved.

S7 Max Ultra is equally excellent in obstacle avoidance and path planning. Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance system and navigation system based on LiDAR can not only avoid obstacles accurately, but also make path planning more detailed and cleaning more comprehensive.

The APP experience improved. Users can improve their cleaning experience by using the forbidden zone, quick mapping, self-defined cleaning plan, multi-level mapping, 3D mapping, etc. S7 Max Ultra provides intelligent suggestions including carpet deep cleaning, cleaning along the floor direction and forbidden area, which is convenient for users to clean more efficiently and worry-free.

S7 Max Ultra sweeping robot is a powerful all-round cleaning equipment. It will be launched in Amazon, Italy on June 15th, with an estimated price discount of 949 euros.


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