Chriō(born on May 5, 2000) is a Rapper, Songwriter, Music Producer, Composer, Guitarist, Mix engineer and Mastering engineer making music since the age of 16.

Chriō, born in Guntakal, Andra Pradesh, currently residing in Hubli. He started his career as a rapper in 2016 and has released an EP and a few Singles so far. Chriō started his his own Music Record Label by the name “21GramsForHeaven” and released his debut in 2020 and followed by singles. He has also been featured on several collaborations with artist such as Klamson Diniz.

Mainly Chriō’s style focuses on Lo-fi Hip Hop, Emo Trap, Neo/Soul Hip Hop, Jazzy Hip Hop, and Guitar acoustics, diverse musical style ranges from solo piano, guitar compositions to full-scale productions with multiple accompanying instruments. Chriō is a musician who can do it all: he can produce songs, write them and release them as well as play guitar or any other instrument he needs to for the song. He has been working in the music industry for about than 6 years as of 2022.

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