Rhys Warren founded Genesis Capital Resources LTD in 2017 as global climate change threatened the environment. In addition to the development of renewable energy technology, it also has planned the development of a project named “Genesis Metropolis” in Indio, California, USA.

In a recent announcement, Genesis Capital Resources Ltd is planning to develop a great site in Dillon, Indio, California, offering a stunning view of the Coachella Valley, Salton Sea, and Joshua Hills. This land mass is likely to be used to develop the real estate project known as Genesis Metropolis and house the company’s business operations and buildings.

Development of “Genesis Metropolis” will be scheduled in 3 phases of completion with a total of 7 distinct districts. spanning a wide range of buildings and landscapes including luxury villas and condominiums, an eco-friendly theme park, mega shopping malls, and an entertainment park.

The project will start commencing work immediately and is expected fully complete all 3 phases by mid-2028.

Genesis Capital Resources Ltd is a company that implements a diversified business operation and layout. The overall business covers crude oil future trading, crude oil production and refinery, renewable energy research and development, carbon credit trading, and new energy real estate development.

It is currently led by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rhys Warren, also the founding director. Rhys Warren is responsible for this project.

For further information and the latest News, please visit the official website of Genesis Capital Resources Ltd.



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