In April 2023, Puyuan, an ancient waterside town with a long history in China and Zhejiang, was quietly undergoing a gorgeous butterfly-like fashion change. PUYUAN FASHION WEEK officially kicked off here.

China Puyuan, a humanistic town with typical traditional water town characteristics, is the largest woolen sweater base in China. To improve the sweater industry and integrate fashion elements into the town and promote it to the whole world, Tongxiang Municipal People’s Government hosted this event. This fashion event will bring a brand-new industrial upgrade to this pluralistic town with classical beauty and fashion sense.

2023 PUYUAN FASHION WEEK will be held in Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town. The collision between the ancient town and the fashion is a brand-new attempt and experiment for the fashionable ancient town of Puyuan, and it is also a brand-new concept of “Puyuan mode” of literary travel and fashion. Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town will not only hold PUYUAN FASHION WEEK, but also introduce workshops, art exhibitions, art fairs and other fashion-related contents into PUYUAN FASHION WEEK. In the future planning of Puyuan, more fashion formats will be introduced, and designers’ houses will be established, designers’ colleges will be set up, and publishing platforms and creative centers will be set up.

This event is themed “Knitting is Fashion”, and many famous designers and knitting brands have been invited. There are 17 professional shows, 14 industrial campaigns to explore the future of knitting, 8 experience workshops, 6 fashion activities and theme exhibitions, which will bring the concept of fashion life closer to everyone and make PUYUAN FASHION WEEK a world-class fashion event.

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