In 2022, PRINCESS LUNA will reach in-depth cooperation with leading institutions in the probiotics industry in Europe, and jointly enter the Asian and European markets with greater growth potential. Under this opportunity, PRINCESS LUNA has officially accepted the invitation of NRW.INVEST, and established a product research and development headquarters in Germany. Its products will fully adopt the German quality management system and meet the EU’s standard certification requirements, and the brand has since then had German ancestry.

In the same year, PRINCESS LUNA China Product Innovation Center has been put into use, and Ada Choi, a well-known Asian artist, has been selected as the brand spokesperson, marking that PRINCESS LUNA has entered the stage of a global health brand for women. PRINCESS LUNA has always believed that high-quality products will take the brand to a bigger stage.

In 2018, PRINCESS LUNA launched its first ACE product, PRINCESS LUNA VAGINAL PROBIOTIC. With its unique product positioning and reliable effects, the product has quickly won the recognition of consumers and has achieved huge market results in the United States, China, Europe, and Australia.

In 2020, PRINCESS LUNA Selenium Complex was launched to serve urban women’s increasing needs for cervical health maintenance, witnessing that PRINCESS LUNA has always paid attention to changes in women’s health needs.

In 2021, PRINCESS LUNA started to pay attention to health burdens such as dark complexion, acne breakouts, and oily skin caused by staying up late among urban women and proposed a new solution for liver health, which is strongly related to such bad habits. The first product positioned as a female liver protection product, PRINCESS LUNA Liver Health, was polished and then officially launched. The product used milk thistle, a traditional liver-protecting ingredient certified by authoritative journals, and glutathione, which is commonly found in whitening skincare products, to cater to the needs of women’s health.

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