From December 18th to January 12th, Ms. Zhao Yan, President of Bloomage Biotech, inspected its subsidiaries in France, USA, and Japan. As a leading company in the worldwide hyaluronic acid industry, Bloomage Biotech is putting its global layout to give full play to its localization advantages to serve local pharmaceutical, medical beauty, cosmetic, and food companies.

The President of Bloomage Biotech, Zhao Yan, is an excellent pioneer and an outstanding female entrepreneur who has built a business landscape covering a wide range of industry sectors such as real estate, investment, biotechnology, culture ,and art, and has made remarkable achievements in many fields.In 2000, Ms. Zhao Yan entered the field of microbial fermentation. She decided to invest in Bloomage Biotechnology, and then led the company to take the lead in achieving large-scale production and industrial application of hyaluronic acid fermentation.

Ms. Zhao Yan had a deeper understanding of the meaning of life long ago, and she continued to guide science and technology toward goodness with the unique tenacity of women. She believes life is not only about being alive, but real life should be vibrant. As a biotechnology company, Bloomage Biotech should improve people’s quality of life and prolong their life by producing biological materials beneficial to the human body to realize the company mission of “Creative Technology For Vibrant Life.”Over the two decades, under the leadership of Ms. Zhao Yan, Bloomage Biotech has been focusing on the research and development, production ,and industrial application of bioactive substances, represented by hyaluronic acid, which is beneficial to human health, to continuously bring healthy, beautiful and happy life experiences to human beings.

During the inspection of Bloomage Biotech’s American subsidiary, Ms. Zhao Yan met with Erica O’Grady, CEO of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC), Mark Chandler, Dr. Hao Zhigang, Dr. Li Zhi and Dr. Zhang Qihong of CACPA Committee. As a professional association in the cosmetics, and personal care industry, SCC provides the proper forums for exchanging ideas and new developments in cosmetic research and technology, promotes scientific and technological progress and personnel training in the North American cosmetics industry. Bloomage Biotech will work with the association to support the North American cosmetics industry’s development and scientific and technical progress.

In addition to the biotechnology field, Ms. Zhao Yan has also built a business landscape covering a wide range of industry sectors such as real estate, investment, biotechnology, culture ,and art. She creatively combined art and public welfare, and founded the famous “YunZhong (In Cloud) Series” public welfare brand. Through art exhibitions, interactive experiences, songs and dances, food and other forms, she excavated, carried on and promoted the intangible cultural heritage that was about to disappear, which enhanced the inheritance and development of China’s intangible culture, and at the same time helped cultural inheritors to break through the survival dilemma, go to the world stage and gain confidence and respect.

When asked “what is your dream”, Zhao Yan replied: “Creative Technology For Vibrant Life”. Zhao Yan is leading a group of like-minded partners to turn this dream into reality gradually.


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