You can’t miss Mybat Pro’s newly released Samsung S23 Ultra case with stand which integrate comfortable grip, high-level protection and trendy style into a whole. Moreover, it is also a case that can not only free your hands with a stand but also can support wireless charging. Definitely a fabulous choice to give your phone a good and unique experience!

We are more and more dependent on mobile phones. We may take our phone anytime and anywhere. So choosing one phone case that can free your hands and bring your more convenience is very important. By using this Samsung S23 Ultra case with kickstand, you can watch a film or a TV drama program when you have meals. Likewise, you can also do some fitness exercises or yoga in a standardized way with your phone playing the fitness video. Using this Samsung S23 case with stand can improve your using experience largely. However, most of cases with stand may have a protruding which will cause more damage to the mobile phone when it falls accidentally. Designers in Mybat Pro solve this problem creatively.

Then how designers in Mybat Pro solve this problem? They indicatively transform the traditional middle protruding bracket into a horizontal bracket located in the lower half of this Samsung S23 case with stand. The stable triangular structure formed by opening the bracket to 75 degrees can not only maintain stability, but also ensure the protection of the mobile phone. “H”-shaped design in the back make the bracket part has no obvious protrusions. In this way, the phone can be more stable and it can also play a buffer role when the phone falls.


Moreover, the stand also can be used conveniently, which meets most of your daily use. When not in use, retract the stand, and there will be no obvious bulge on the back. At the same time, the H-shaped design on the back of the phone case brings a better grip feeling. Furthermore, as the stand is located under the case, it will not affect the wireless charging area. Please note that as this case do not have the magnet circle in the middle, wireless charging can be only used when the phone is placed horizontally.


This Samsung S23 case slim also does a good job in protection. A “M” shape cushioning shock-absorbing soft core with impact resistant bumpers are adopted in this Samsung S23 case. The four protective pads raised inside keep the phone case and the phone at a certain distance, which can reduce the impact when the phone falls. The 1.48mm and 2.43mm raised bezel around the case and camera area add an additional layer of protection for the screen & camera. There is a non-slip design on the edge of the phone case, which can prevent your phone from accidental slip, and the military-grade material is anti-fingerprint to make your phone always keep like the original one.


Mybat Pro has always been committed to providing customers with mobile phone cases that are both fashionable, protective and convenient. For 25 years, Mybat Pro has invested efforts in the independent design and research and development of mobile phone cases. If you are looking for a durable and comfortable case that can bring more convenience for you, give this Samsung S23 case slim a chance, it will surprise you!


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