In this highly interconnected world, people are rarely separated from their mobile phones. Therefore, as millions of people continue to buy millions of mobile phones, they all need high-quality accessories, such as mobile phone cases, which can not only give their mobile phone a unique and fashionable appearance, but also protect their mobile phone from some unexpected drops, shock or scratches in their daily life. There is where Mybat Pro comes in.

However, some phone cases in the market are good-looking but not protective, or even more harmful to the phone because of the protruding subjects on the back. Others are that you need to buy an extra stand or other accessories to free your hands when watching movies or put your phones on cars conveniently. Designers in Mybat Pro Blanche solve this problem well, designing one iphone 14 case which integrates protection, convenience and style into a whole.

As a mobile phone case, a stunning color may make your mobile phone stand out and make your mobile phone have distinctive characteristics. This stylish Mybat Pro iphone 14 pro max case comes in four colors: gentleman black, deep blue, charm red and military green, and will distinguish your phone from other common colors. As for the protection, which is perhaps the most significant function of a phone case, this Mybat Pro iphone 14 pro max case with stand is made of double-layer military grade materials, which are anti-friction, shock-proof, fingerprint resistant and easy to clean. During the research and development period, this drop protective case has passed dozens of 12 ft drop tests. Mybat Pro iphone 14 pro max case with kickstand also offers shock-absorbing edge protection and multiple layers of protection against accidental damage. A raised bezel  around the whole phone adds an extra layer of protection to the screen or even the camera.

Magnetic metal patches and built-in stainless steel brackets are embedded in the back of this Mybat Pro iphone 14 pro max case car mount. There is no obvious protrusion at the back, you can hold your mobile phone more comfortably with this protective case, which can better protect your mobile phone. You can stretch the stand anytime and anywhere to watch movies, TV shows, ball games, etc, freeing your hands. With the metal patch on the back, you can place your phone on any magnetic surface thus you can stay safe on the road and mount your phone for hands-free driving. Combining these three functions, it can help you save up to three times your money.

Mybat Pro’s journey began in Los Angeles, CA in 1997. Considered to be a true pioneer in the wireless industry and one of the first to produce fashionable, trending accessories. Case series such as the TUFF and MyJacket have become iconic examples for device protection. Over the years, as technology evolved, so did Mybat Pro. Over the past over 20 plus years, Mybat Pro has built its own, from the original concept and design of a new product, through the manufacturing process and up to delivery. Mybat Pro always keep in mind that it should provide their customers with whatever they need. Serviced nationwide for more than 24 countries, the 165,000 square foot facility in Los Angeles, California along with a factory in Shenzhen, the most innovative metropolis in China.

Never ending relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction as well as reliability is Mybat Pro’s mission. This is why Mybat Pro comes with a lifelong warranty. Whether you are an individual buyer or you are a supplier, you can buy with peace of mind. Turning to Mybat Pro, you will not only get a satisfactory purchasing experience, but also cutting-edge style, exquisite and environmentally friendly package, worry-free after-sale service, etc. Protect your device and feel safe with this rugged iPhone 14 Series case from Mybat Pro!

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