As one of the frequently used gadgets in our daily life, a good feeling when holding our phone is very important. If you are tired of using ordinary silica or plastic case, perhaps you can give this phone case with matte skin texture a try, which will open up your understanding of phone cases and also expand a new way for you to buy mobile phone cases. Except for that, translucent phone shell with colorful frame also make your phone fashionable and eye-catching. Built-in magnet makes wireless charging more solid. This matte iPhone 14 pro max case is definitely worth buying.

Protection is always the fundamental function of a phone case. That’s why every Mybat Pro phone cases will have to pass the drop resistance test. So there is no exception for this iPhone 14 pro case. Over 2,000 drop tests from 12 ft height has been done in Mybat Pro lab. And it shows that there are 0 damage to the phone itself. Why can it achieve such a high protection? Firstly, this iPhone 14 pro max case adopted Polymer materials, integrated with impact resistance technology. Secondly,  all the bezels around the case has a 1.5mm higher screen bezels to give extra protection to the screen and 0.9mm higher lips to protect the camera area. Thirdly, the four corners of this cases come with 4 panted dispersion airbags to provide a buffer to better protect your phone when accidental drop or shock happens.

Wireless charging is a popular way and it will become a trend because it brings more convenience. However, in many case, no matter how slim it is, it will reduce the attraction when using wireless charging with the case. That’s where Mybat Pro keep improving. In this Mybat Pro iPhone 14 pro frosted case magsafe, it has a built-in magnet, which can enhance the atta  chment when using wireless charging. Mybat Pro lab has compared the magnetic strength of Maybat Pro magnetic case with that of ordinary magnetic case, official magnetic case, and the experimental data shows that this Mybat Pro iPhone 14 pro case magnetic increases 85% more Magnetic Strength than the ordinary magnetic case. Perfectly aligned magnets make wireless charging faster and easier than ever, providing you a magical attach and detach charging experience, which is a good news for players who play mobile games.

The whole body of the case is made of a smart nanoscale oleo-phobic coating design, which can effectively prevents fingerprints, watermarks, oil, and dust while retaining high-strength protection. In this way no matter how long you have used your phone, it will always like one which you got the first day. Also you will no longer worry that it will turn yellow. Meanwhile, this Mybat Pro iPhone 14 pro translucent matte case also brings you excellent skinny touch feeling. Whenever you hold your phone with this case, you will experience an unprecedented comfort. The buttons of this iPhone 14 pro case clear are embedded with small metal blocks, which brings a better and more accurate button experience. At the same time, all the holes are punched exactly one-to-one according to the real machine, so the use experience is exactly the same as the real machine.

At last, let’s talk about the design and the color of this case. The overall design is translucent, with colored borders around the phone case and the camera area, making the phone case more prominent and eye-catching. In terms of color, iPhone 14 pro case with screen protector is designed in 6 colors, transparent white, transparent green, dark blue, light blue, pure black and transparent gray. A variety of colors for you to choose from, and surely there will be one that can meet your requirements. At the same time, this apple iPhone 14 pro case also comes with a tempered screen protector. From screen protector to the protective phone case, Mybat Pro provides all-round, one-stop protection for your beloved phone.

All in all, this iPhone 14 pro frosted case has the stronger magnet, highest protection and perfect holding feeling. So if you have a high requirement for the feeling when holding your phone, trying this matte skin feeling case, you will surely be satisfied with the case. At the same time you will get a super well wireless charging experience.

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