August 29, 2022: In the world of electric bikes, battery is the most important thing and maintaining a battery with a long life is not the only thing that matters. Good batteries are expensive, and this makes it very hard for the common man to afford a good e-bike. However, engineers at MultiJoy have solved this problem by introducing the ultimate electric bike by designing a battery that is not only durable and long lasting, but also cost-effective. This has been made possible as a result of meticulous trial and testing, and without making any compromise on the quality of the battery.

“Battery life is the most important feature of any electric bicycle because after the electric bicycle is out of power, it cannot ride as easily as an ordinary bicycle.” Said Chris, the Founder of MultiJoy, while talking about the problems associated with electric bike battery life. “Large electric bicycle market in the United States and around the world is growing rapidly but now on the market, electric bikes with long battery life are very expensive.” He added. According to Chris, MultiJoy is determined to solve this problem by making electric bikes more affordable for everyone.

MultiJoy has proudly announced the launch of an electric bike that is currently the most cost-effective one and has a test range of more than 80 miles. Moreover, the battery can also provide additional charging for the mobile phone with a built-in USB port, if you have an iPhone 13pro, Spaniel’s battery can charge your phone up to 70 times. It is priced at only $1799 but now there is a coupon of $200-400 as Summer Sale. On the contrary, the price of HIMIWAY and FLX with similar battery are touching the sky. MultiJoy bikes are so cheap because the founder Chris has a very good understanding of bicycles and personally selects every accessory of the bicycle. Moreover, he participates in the whole process of design and testing, and finally gives consumers the best price and best quality electric bicycles.

MultiJoy Founder Chris grew up in a family of enthusiastic bikers and his love for bikes dates back to the time when Chris and his father would routinely go on bike camping adventures in the Pacific Northwest. At an early age, Chris identified issues with existing bikes as he pushed them to the limit in outdoor settings ranging from mountains to deserts. The natural engineer built his own bike at the age of 15 and overcame the shortcomings he noticed as a child. Covering hundreds of miles on his bike, he became an expert and then combined his passion for bikes with his entrepreneurial expertise to create the MultiJoy brand. The primary aim of his company was to create the ultimate electric bike that is affordable for everyone, and Chris has successfully created the bike he desired.

Known as the Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike or MultiJoy Spaniel e-Bike, this top quality bike offers the ultimate biking experience that is powered by the ultimate battery pack. With its powerful 750W motor, 80MM shock absorption, 26*4.0Kenda puncture-resistant tires, etc., this bike takes the whole experience of e-biking to the next level. The cherry on top of every feature is its battery back because it features a mighty LG 48V 20AH Battery. MultiJoy is also offering free shipping, 24/7 support, 15 days return, LCD display, and much more. Furthermore, this bike can do 45-70 miles on a single charge and has the maximum payload capacity of 350 lbs.

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