Co-organized by CGTN and Henan Province, the media integration event “Sino-African Kung-fu Show ” is in full swing! Since its launch on July 20, the “Sino-African Kung Fu Show” campaign has received videos from martial arts enthusiasts from 27 countries including China, Cameroon, Niger, Ivory Coast, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Congo (Kinshasa), Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Tanzania, Tunisia, Chad, Zambia, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Algeria, Gabon and Sudan.

On October 12, 13, 15 and 16, at 3pm Beijing time (GMT 07:00), “Sino-African Kung Fu Show” will enter the world’s No.1 temple, Shaolin temple and Chenjiagou, the birthplace of Chen-style Taijiquan, and launch live broadcasts simultaneously on multiple platforms in China and abroad.

The four new media live broadcasts will feature Zhao Zhijin, host of CGTN French, He Xiaobo, host of Wushu World Channel of Henan radio and television station, and Liang Zi, a photographer who loves Africa, as well as more mysterious guests. In the live broadcast room, together with the domestic and international audience, you will enjoy the wonderful video performances of Chinese and African martial arts enthusiasts.

In Shaolin Temple, we will witness the martial arts performance of the monks of Shaolin Kung Fu group, visit the 48 Kung Fu foot depressions and the precious colorful murals of the Thousand Buddha Hall. The guests and masters will experience the Shaolin culture of “meditation and Kung Fu training” together. In Chenjiagou, the birthplace of Chen-style Taijiquan, we will explore the mystery of Chen-style Taijiquan, experience the pushing hand movement to defeat the enemy and feel the Eastern philosophy contained in the intangible cultural heritage of the world of Taijiquan, with the assistance and the dissemination of the Heritage and development of intangible cultural heritage program.

At the same time, by participating in the live interaction, netizens will have the opportunity to receive exquisite gifts of the ” Sino-African Kung Fu Show “.
The program will be broadcast live on CGTN French, CMG Mobile, Kuaishou, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other new media platforms, so stay tuned.

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