On May 20th, the Chinese brand JIN DA FU Tea shone brightly on the Eagle Screen in New York City. The eye-catching slogan “Let the world know the authentic Pu’er tea”, showing the company’s commitment to international standards and dialogue with the world, so that the world can know Chinese tea, and about the tea industry of JIN DA FU.

Following this “world’s biggest screen”, on May 21, JIN DA FU tea industry will release a new product at its 10th anniversary brand launch in Menghai, Yunnan. This JIN DA FU Tea enacts the original work, reinterprets the classics, and relaunches the “Second-Generation BanZhang Cabbage” series – 2022 Ban Zhang Chinese Rhyme Pile Cake Pu’er; with the heart of tribute, we study the art of tea making, precisely find the classic gene, which, through updating raw materials and processes, aims to restore the classic texture and obtain a precise replication of the classic.

Established in 2012, JIN DA FU Tea is a high-end tea enterprise dedicated to improving the quality and production level of Pu’er tea by handing down and promoting Chinese traditional Pu’er tea culture. With 10,000 mu of BanZhang tea plantation, modern professional tea factory, 2 classic products “BanZhang Cabbage, BanZhang Peacock” and more than 1,000 stores, today, it carries the mission of passing on the founder Mr. He Baoqiang’s craftsmanship to the Pu’er tea industry. Since its establishment 10 years ago, JIN DA FU Tea has always prioritized quality, sticking to the original ecological handcrafted tea, and insisting on manufacturing tea with life with the heart of an artisan.

The first shot of brand globalization was fired, for JIN DA FU tea industry, through this interaction with the globe. Along with the brand’s expanding impact, this JIN DA FU Tea business will continue to speak up for Chinese tea, promote the Chinese tea culture “going out”, and to recover the glory of Chinese tea.

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