The Hair Dryer is Already Creating a Major Buzz Worldwide & it is Making Luxury Hair Salon Experience Affordable for Everyone

May 26, 2022: Laifen has proudly announced the launch of a revolutionary new hair dryer that is emerging as an industry game-changer in the world of fashion, style, and beauty. After rigorous research and development of about 2 years, the company has finally equipped the revolutionary technology of 110000 rpm motor and integrated it into an outstanding high speed hair dryer. Moreover, it has been able to accomplish that by balancing the ultimate user experience with an economical price that is hard to beat. The hair dryer is now available on Amazon and is already getting phenomenal reviews by users from around the world.

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“Here at Laifen, our primary aim is to offer our valued customers the affordable luxury of enjoying their daily lives with higher efficiency, and more convenience.” Said Hongxin Ye, the Founder of Laifen, while talking about the company. “Laifen Hair Dryer has much more than a game-changing 110,000 RPM motor, because it has been designed for all kinds of hair such as wavy, frizzy, curly, and straight hair.” He added. The most unbeatable feature of this remarkable hair dryer is still its price because there is no other hair dryer available in the market on this price with such amazing features.

Laifen’s self-developed 110,000 rpm high-speed motor

Despite its state of the art 110,000 rpm motor that can quickly dry hair, Laifen Hair Dryer is absolutely safe and does not cause any heat damage to the hair. Moreover, the noise is also controlled, which means that it is not annoyingly loud despite featuring the fastest motor in a production hair dryer. At this price, which is more than half of any other hair dryer in the market, Laifen Hair Dryer has already created a major buzz in the market and is getting an overwhelming response from individual customers as well as salons, hair stylists, and beauty professionals.

“Our team has spent more than 730 days in the development of this hair dryer.” Said Laifen spokesperson, while talking about the R&D process. The hair dryer features a cutting-edge high-speed brushless motor, which when compared to the traditional hair dryer having 20,000 rpm is more than significant. Other features of this hair dryer include its 8 gear air temperature combination modes, one key hot and cold air cycle, high and low two-speed air speed, and four kinds of air temperature adjustment settings.

Hair dryer important function point description

In addition, this amazing new hair dryer also features an intelligent temperature control of 100 times per second to detect the temperature of the air outlet. It also reduces high temperature fluctuations and reduces the thermal damage to the hair. Furthermore, it releases over 200 million negative ions per cubic centimeter to restore the hair because these negative ions break water molecules faster, seal and flatten cuticles for a smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair, while also neutralizing static electricity.

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