On September 28, Justin Sun, founder of TRON and permanent representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization, was invited to attend TOKEN 2049 held in Singapore, where he shared his insights in the section titled “The Future of Crypto: Navigating the Decade Ahead”. Sun believes that the role of the crypto industry is similar to that of traditional financial institutions, and the future goal of TRON is to become a mainstream financial services provider, which is also the future of the crypto industry.

Organized annually in both London and Singapore, TOKEN 2049 sees its event in Singapore this year running on September 28-29. This event has drawn many leading crypto companies, developers as well as 3,000 participants from across the world. Together, they arrived at some innovative solutions to some of the prevailing problems after having discussed the ever-changing regulatory landscape, the trend in institutional investing, and the reasons behind the rise of emerging sectors including cryptocurrency, metaverse, and Web3.

Finding solutions to a looming financial crisis through emerging technologies has been one of the key topics at this conference, particularly during a global economic downturn.

Joining the panel discussion themed The Future of Crypto: Navigating the Decade Ahead, Justin Sun had in-depth conversations with Crypto.com CEO Kris Marszalek, Jump Crypto Partner and Head of Investments Saurabh Sharma, and LongHash Ventures CEO and Founding Partner Emma Cui. Justin Sun said that TRON DAO will continue to build a comprehensive financial services platform by solidifying the underlying infrastructure in the future. In terms of the industry, Sun also said he is more concerned about competitors in the conventional financial sector. The future of the cryptocurrency industry lies in the fact that the current market size of the entire blockchain financial sector may only be $1 trillion, while the market size of the traditional financial sector could be in the trillions.

At a separate top-level WTO conference, Justin Sun also emphasized the significance of developing blockchain technology to global economic growth. Speaking as head of the Grenada delegate at the 12th Ministerial Conference in Geneva on June 12-17, 2022, he addressed that the development of e-commerce and the broader digital economy, including blockchain and other technologies, would greatly boost the global economy.

As an acknowledged celebrity in the sector of blockchain technology, Justin Sun has been dedicated to upgrading the global financial infrastructure and building fully decentralized autonomous protocols and organizations; founded by Justin Sun, TRON DAO, one of the world’s top three public chains, now boasts 110 million users, over 3.9 billion transactions and a TVL of $12.3 billion. Four years into its inception, TRON DAO has built a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem encompassing public chain, DeFi, wallet, and crypto exchange and has recorded rapid growth, particularly in stablecoins.


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