On April 10, 2023, Fengxian District, Shanghai launched the second international communication of “BE HEARD, FROM FENGXIAN TO THE WORLD”, which acted as another global promotion campaign following the first one.

At the end of 2022, Fengxian District of Shanghai appeared on the giant screens of landmark buildings in New York, Seoul, Bangkok, Dubai, China and Guangzhou, whose advertisements with great ideas and eye-catching slogans attracted many passers-by. In merely two weeks, over 56 million people felt the beauty of urban construction and development.

Times Square, New York, USA

Living in the forest of the city and living in a forest city resembles future Fengxian. Under the strategy “New Area, New City, New Countryside, New Economy & Great Ecology, Great Traffic, Great People’s Livelihood, Great Data”, Fengxian values the integration of ecology, life and production, the integration of form, function and industry, the integration of planning, construction and operation, and promotes the high-quality development of integration of production and city, livable and suitable for industry. Fengxian is currently speeding up the construction of three ecological circles to create a shining business card and unique temperament of Fengxian New City. The first ecological circle takes 10,000 mu of central forest land as the carrier, strengthens rural characteristics, respects cultural genes, builds South Shanghai Central Park, and shapes the “core” of Fengxian New City. The second ecological circle, taking the 44-kilometer-long new city green ring as the carrier, highlights ecological priority and embodies regional characteristics, creates a public space around the city with a width of 100 meters, and constructs the “ring” of Fengxian New City. The third ecological circle, taking Fengxian as the carrier, builds characteristics, builds models, vigorously improves the quality of greening, strives for a national forest city in an all-round way, and creates a “town” of Fengxian New City.


MBK Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Fengxian will enhance comprehensive environmental construction, coordinate economic development, urban construction, social governance, people’s livelihood and party building, and establish more modern industrial systems, more beautiful natural ecology, more intimate public service, more caring and virtuous culture, more convenient traffic and a better business environment.


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