Tang Huaikou, 66, has been practicing martial arts all his life. He is best at duck fist and “Hailing Sanyi Sword”, and has won many gold medals in provincial and municipal martial arts competitions.

Hailing Sanyi Sword, a treasure of martial arts left by the older generation of famous Kung Fu masters, has a history of hundreds of years. For 50 years, Tang Huaikou has been practicing martial arts without interruption. In order to prevent “Hailing Sanyi Sword” from being lost, so that this excellent traditional martial arts routine with a history of hundreds of years can be passed down from generation to generation, Tang Huaikou used his spare time to compile “Hailing Sanyi Sword” into a book for martial arts lovers to study and learn from. Also, he held a number of free training courses of “Hailing Sanyi Sword” for the trainees, so that more people can learn this martial arts, making “Hailing Sanyi Sword” a popular sport and fitness project. Now “Hailing Sanyi Sword” has the fifth generation of inheritors.

To spread Chinese martial arts, advocate a healthy, scientific, and civilized lifestyle, and improve people’s physical quality, focusing on the theme of “National Fitness”, Tang Huaikou has carried out a number of rich and colorful martial arts teaching activities all the year-round in the morning exercise spot of Taohe Ancient Street, which has become a beautiful landscape in the urban area. Every morning, he hands down martial arts hand in hand, and extends his volunteer teaching service to weekends, holidays, and after-work hours. Every summer vacation, he takes the lead in holding children’s martial arts classes, demonstrating the spirit of a retired cadre party member who cares for the next generation.

As his hobby, martial arts has accompanied him through ups and downs for so many years. Being a hobby and persistence, martial arts is his favorite in life, which gives him confidence, vitality, health and happiness, and also becomes the pillar of his spiritual wealth. Whether it’s work, study or life, and whether it’s success, failure, success or frustration, it always accompanies him, supports him and makes him stronger to achieve one goal after another in life.

“Chinese martial arts has a long history, and the water and soil have nurtured our Chinese martial arts soul. There is the same root at the foot, and there is the dragon in the east. With broad future, Chinese people act like heroes.”

Martial arts is a Chinese vast dragon. Tang Huaikou will let this long dragon carry the martial arts dreams of Chinese people and fly higher and farther.

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