One of the young music artist of India, Vishwajeet Jaykar, who is a singer, rapper and songwriter, is also the founder and owner of Jaykar’s Music Company. A huge controversy has arisen over a statement by Vishwajeet Jaykar about Indian Hip Hop. Vishwajeet Jaykar says he is not happy with Indian hip hop.

Let us now know why Vishwajeet Jaykar gave this statement? Vishwajeet Jaykar says Indian Rappers have made a way of dissing each other. It is okay to diss, but it is not acceptable in any way to use abusive words in excess. Vishwajeet Jaykar does not want any kind of indecency in Indian Rap Culture, he says that music is meant to entertain others, please do not make songs that are ashamed to listen with family. Vishwajeet Jaykar says that Indian Hip Hop can be liked globally only when artists work together, not fighting each other.

Giving the example of Spanish artists, Vishwajeet Jaykar says that you see them, their population is much less than us, but still Spanish music is liked all over the world. Vishwajeet Jaykar names big Indian hip hop artists and said that Badshah, Honey Singh Raftaar, Emiway & Krishna is all fighting with each other, no artist wants to work together. Indian hip hop artists have full potential to take India and their music to the world level.

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