Xinhuanet Beijing April 13th (Reporter Xu Ning) On April 13th, sponsored by Hubei Provincial Culture and Tourism Department, and supported by Xinhua National Brand Engineering Office, Xinhuanet and, the event “Hubei Wuhan International Culture and Tourism Short Video Contest & China Culture and Tourism KOL Jianghu Live” was successfully concluded.

Hubei Wuhan International Culture and Tourism Short Video Contest & China Culture and Tourism KOL Jianghu Live

Based on the unique culture and tourism resources of Wuhan, Hubei Province, this Contest selected over 30 high-quality bloggers among 100 bloggers who have high attention and extensive influence in the fields of parent-child relationship, photography, food, humanities and art, and deeply experienced the cultural and historical features of Wuhan. In the feast of light and shadow, it shows the beauty of the night scene of great rivers, great lakes and great Wuhan, and also collects the key tourism resources of 11 cities in Hubei Province. Moreover, through video, text, photography, live broadcast and other forms, Hubei’s natural scenery is displayed in multiple dimensions, and Hubei’s profound historical and cultural accumulation is exposed.

After screening and selection, a total of 42 short videos were released in Weibo, Tik Tok and Xiaohongshu. During the Contest, the whole platform was exposed to about 120 million, which effectively enhanced the brand reputation of Hubei’s culture and tourism at home and abroad.

During the Contest, a team of experts composed of national first-class directors and outstanding China young film directors selected and commented on the short videos, and selected five excellent works: Excellent Creative Video, Excellent Narrative Video, Featured Editing Video, Best Copy Video and Considerate Travel Tips Video.

The second China (Wuhan) Culture and Tourism Expo with the theme of “Beautiful China, Better Life” will be held from April 21st to 23rd, 2023. As one of the warm-up events, the Short Video Contest shows the excellent tourism resources of Wuhan and Hubei through many platforms at home and abroad, which helps China (Wuhan) Culture and Tourism Expo to be a national-level, international and comprehensive platform for cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation, and promotes the comprehensive recovery and high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry.


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