Precious Okechukwu Adaobi

In a concerted effort to address the housing deficit in Nigeria and across the African continent, Hav’i-Lah Real Estate Worldwide, a female-led, rapidly growing real estate company, is delighted to announce the commencement of its five projects gearing to address the bulging demand for luxurious and affordable housing in Nigeria.

The developer, a 27-year-old entre­preneur who spoke to Pleasures Magazine said real estate sector of the economy remains one that requires huge capital invest­ment, noting that they remain money spinners as a result of the turnover on investment within the shortest possible time.

She said, “Because of this, we are seeking partnerships, inves­tors, and clients to invest with us as there’s much profit to be made in this zone or Africa, especially through our current project in Banana Island selling at $450,000 and $550,000 with an initial de­posit of $200,000. This comes in with a guaranteed ROI of 300% in 2 years from its current Naira market value.

She said the period favours in­vestors outside Africa and Diaspo­ras to buy and invest in real estate assets as the country’s currency valuation which is currently slightly over N800 per dollar (par­allel market rate) works in profits for them.

These projects include The Isabella, La Madre, Hav’i-lah Court 1, Hav’i-lah Court 2, and Hav’i-lah Court 3.

Five Projects


Isabella is a luxurious apartment, located at Banana Island, one of the wealthiest estates in Africa. The Isabella comprises two- and three-bedroom luxurious apartments and penthouses with an open terrace. Due to an incredible infrastructure, a 24-hour electricity supply, extremely tight security, and good access roads, along with a central sewage system and a treatment plant, this is the ideal location for families seeking apartments.

La Madre:-

La Madre is another landmark project. The apartment is selling for $138,000 (N111,000,000) and also comes in packages of a four-bedroom duplex located at Ajao Estate, close to the International Airport. The structures are fully solar powered with 24-hour electricity supply, have an extremely large living room with an Ante room and visitors’ toilet, are very close to the airport with a scenic view of it from your bedroom, have external terraces on all floors, a private office, a large dining area, private gardens, and a beautiful external void that runs from the second floor to the ground floor.

Hav’i-Lah Court 1:-

There are also 3-bedroom penthouses at Hav’i-Lah Court 1 located at Westend Estate, Off Lekky County, Lekki, selling for $68,750 (N55,000,000). They have spacious master bedrooms, all ensuite rooms, spacious and well-finished living rooms, a fully fitted kitchen with a gas cooker and heat extractor, 24-hour clean water, security, and light. They also come with a built-in transformer, automated cables and panels, and extremely large parking spaces.

Hav’i-lah Court 2:-

Hav’i-lah Court 2 is an affordable apartment project located at Ikota Villa Estate, Ikota, Lekki. housing 8 units of 3-bedroom duplexes and four units of-two-bedroom penthouse apartments. It comes loaded with homey features such as Ensuite Rooms, Fully Fitted Kitchens, CCTV Cameras, 24/7 Power Supply, Good Road Network, Children’s Play Area, Car Park Space, and lots more.

Hav’i-lah Court 3:-

Located at Sangotedo, Ajah., Hav’i-lah Court 3, a residential project designed for middle-class families. It comes loaded with homey features such as ensuite rooms, fully fitted kitchens, CCTV cameras, 24/7 power supply, a good road network, a children’s play area, car park space, a shopping mall, and a religious center.

About Projects Potential:-

Hav’i-Lah Real Estate Worldwide residential projects are well-designed to be the perfect “staycation” place for residents with the high-class apartments expected to bring residents the same standard of quality as any other branded residence apartment in the world.

The development goal of these projects is in line with the government’s long-term urban economic development orientation. This is particularly important when it comes to attracting foreign capital and the need for secure financial investment in the real estate sector.

“The wave of luxury real estate investment in Banana Island is forecast to continue increasing, driven by the growth of local high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and overseas buyers,” said Precious Okechukwu Adaobi, founder of Hav’i-Lah Real Estate. She also reiterated, “”Nigeria is determined to develop a regional economy that can turn into a growth leader for Africa. The country is developing on a dual track: building the infrastructure needed to serve as a larger commercial, financial hub while at the same time integrating into the Key Economic Region. The Hav’i-Lah Real Estate Worldwide’s five projects are being well built to contribute to the strong growth, creating positive impacts for the economy and society”.

About Hav’i-Lah Real Estate Worldwide:-

Hav’i-Lah Real Estate is Nigeria’s premier real estate developer. With over a decade of experience in operation, it manages a portfolio of nearly five outstanding real estate projects in Banana Island and other provinces. Owning thousands of hectares of land fund and non-stop exploring new lands, Hav’i-Lah Real Estate is committed to expanding operations in the entire West African sub-region, the UAE, the U.K., Canada, and the U.S., where it has delivered cutting-edge and competitive real estate solutions to its teeming clients at competitive prices. . With their strategic locations, Hav’i-Lah Real Estate’s projects create an advanced humanistic community with a comfortable and modern living environment for residents, contributing to the sustainable development of the whole society.

Hav’i-Lah Real Estate Team

With luxury standards, Hav’i-Lah Real Estate Worldwide has received compliments from Nigerian Landmark and the Congress of Nigerian Youths that recognize Hav’i-Lah for their immense contribution to real estate management and development in the country and their commitment to youth empowerment. Hav’i-Lah Real Estate also secured other recognitions from African Brands and the National Association of Polytechnic Students for innovation, creativity, and quality service delivery.

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