September 15, 2022 — Gyroor has proudly announced the launch of its all-new e-scooter called X3. This electric scooter is a culmination of years of experience and cutting-edge technology, and with its launch, Gyroor is pushing its brand into the high-performance territory. Moreover, this fast and powerful X3 is a one-of-a-kind electric scooter that combines 3 different speeds with an intelligent app to make commuting a breeze. It also has been designed with the aim of making fun family riding adventures possible and affordable for everyone.

“When you’re commuting, every second counts. We know that your time is precious, that is why we have created the all-new X3 to offer you a smooth ride like never before,” said Jason, the Founder of Gyroor, while introducing this new X3 electric scooter. “I dream of a world in which every family could own an affordable, efficient, and lightweight e-vehicle, changing the way people view mobility while vastly improving their lives,” he added. According to Jason, the company will continue to launch more innovative products to enhance the e-biking and e-scooter experiences of its valued customers from around the world.

In addition to this particular model, Gyroor also has a growing line of several folding e-scooters. The company is also known for its e-bikes, hoverboards, kids’ scooters, and a range of pro rides. Moreover, Gyroor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, a one-year warranty, free delivery along with shipping to the United States, and 24/7 customer service. Gyroor was founded in 2014, and is now emerging as a family travel expert at the global level. In the last 9 years since its foundation, the company has gained over a million Gyroor riders worldwide and has contributed about 38,667T+ in CO2 reduction to the globe.

This all-new foldable electric scooter is packed with a wide range of great features and unique benefits. The Gyroor electric scooter for adults comes with dual shock absorbers, an impressive range of up to 31 miles, a top speed of 18.6 mph, turn signals, and much more. It also has a powerful 500W electric motor, an NFC safety lock, IP67 core components, and most importantly, it is waterproof and foldable. On Amazon, all Gyroor products, including this scooter, have gained several 5-star reviews and have become one of the most affordable options for children and adults in the competitive industry of e-scooters.

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