To celebrate the National Day, Guangzhou Beijing Road Pedestrian Street held the global lighting ceremony of the “Eye of Guangzhou” music show.

The theme of this music show is “Colorful Celebration of the National Day-Lighting Ceremony of the Eyes of Guangzhou Music Show”, which is divided into six chapters: Looking at the Past, Looking at the Present, Looking at the Future, Looking at Guangzhou, Looking at China and Looking at the World. Each chapter is performed in the form of “music+laser”, and each chapter is interpreted with different theme songs and colorful lighting effects. It aims to create an audio-visual feast of “looking at the world via the eye of Guangzhou and making the world know more about Guangzhou”, which means that the motherland is prosperous and increasingly powerful, the world is peaceful, and human beings live in harmony and celebrate the prosperous birthday with citizens and tourists.

“The launch of this music show marks the birth of a new era cultural landmark in Guangzhou.” According to the person in charge of the event, the propaganda film “Eye of Guangzhou” was broadcast at the event site, and the picture looked back from the past, to the present prosperity, to the future technology; From the scene of Guangzhou, to the symbol of China, to Greater Bay Area in the world, it shows the connotation of “Eye of Guangzhou, a global vision”.

Beijing Road is a national demonstration pedestrian street integrating the functions of commercial shopping, cultural experience, tourism and leisure. Copper Pot Water Clock, Millennium Ancient Road, Millennium Ancient Temple, Millennium Ancient Building, Nanyue Palace and other historical relics are everywhere, and the profound cultural heritage of the city that has been in the same strain for more than a thousand years blooms in Beijing Road.

Focusing on the orientation of “global vitality, Millennium city vein, and Guangfu business street”, in order to create a world-class classic tourist landmark of Guangfu in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and a beautiful business card of an international consumption center city, a new landscape landmark of Beijing Road, Eye of Guangzhou, came into being.

According to reports, the “Eye of Guangzhou” was created by CHINA AIRPORT INT’L ADVERTISING CO., LIMITED for a year. The “Eye of Guangzhou” is the fusion and symbiosis of new and old cultures, and the combination of tradition and technology. New cultural IP implants, such as Lantern Culture Street with colorful lanterns, laser music show with 8K ultra-high definition technology, and “Realizing Dream” creative train, make Beijing Road Pedestrian Street form a deeper aggregation of culture and tourism.

The person in charge of CHINA AIRPORT INT’L ADVERTISING CO., LIMITED said that the brand-new landmark “Eye of Guangzhou” and historic landmarks reflect the “past and future” of Guangzhou’s Millennium culture, and the new era commercial form of tourism superimposed with cultural characteristics will further optimize the structure of Beijing Road consumers and foster new growth points of consumption. “Eye of Guangzhou” will become a window for the exchange of Guangfu culture and foreign cultures, and help to promote Guangzhou’s city brand and city ALPHA index.


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