A popular NFT toys startup company, gg Toy Company, has recently bought the Mutant Ape Yacht Club #24598 NFT. The purchase was made on 9th July 2022, for 19.69 Ethereum. At the time of purchase, this value was equivalent to $30,000.

The company bought this NFT to use its included Intellectual Property Rights in order to brand their own company and to create a new toy character based on the character of this NFT.

gg Toy company has a large collection of NFTs, which can be found here – https://opensea.io/ggToyCompany

gg Toy Company is not your average toy company. They are focused on creating toys that correspond with NFT collections, and were incorporated in 2021 by Gregory Taylor who had big plans for the future of this startup business!

They produce physical toys that are created on the WEB2 platform or metaverse development as it’s known nowadays. The goal for this business venture was originally formed when Gregory saw how much kids loved playing games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft.

gg Toy Company purchases intellectual property rights from online game developers or other companies for their characters, then produces these items as playthings based on the original designs created by artists all over this world!

With the recent purchase of MAYC, they have rebranded their company in order to connect with the tech companies building in the web 3 ecosystem.

They are creating a physical and digital identity for themselves in the metaverse by branding their company with an exclusive NFT. Very soon after this introduction, the company will be releasing one of its most wanted toys yet-a collectible figurine version based on this NFT.


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