Since its establishment two years ago, Hangzhou area of Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone has made bold explorations and breakthroughs, and achieved remarkable results in deepening reform, expanding opening up, benchmarking new international economic and trade rules, promoting industrial development, serving the national strategy, etc. The opening up is getting wider and wider, the pace of opening up is getting more and more solid, and the new pattern of opening up to the world is accelerating.

Promote the “five freedoms and one convenience” and accelerate the release of the system innovation dividend

Hangzhou area of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone keeps in mind the initial mission of “trying the system for the country and seeking development for the local area”, takes system innovation and system supply as the core, makes full use of reform autonomy, actively explores and innovates in eliminating policy barriers, simplifying procedures, reducing intervention, opening up access, etc., and pushes more high-quality and high-standard system innovation achievements to emerge constantly. Of the 278 reform pilot experiences and best practice cases issued by the State Council and various ministries, 251 have been carried out in Hangzhou, accounting for more than 90%. In 2022, more than 70% of the 58 innovative breakthrough projects planned at the urban level and at the municipal level have landed. Among them, the cross-border e-commerce field has innovated a new mode of B2C parcel return for cross-border import, and it has been selected as the “Best Practice Case” for comprehensively deepening the innovation and development of service trade.

Building “Three Districts and One Center” Pilot Free Trade Zone to Lead a Higher Level of Openness

In the past two years, Hangzhou has focused on the functional orientation of “three districts and one center”, made great efforts to try first around the establishment of a digital free trade pilot zone, actively strived for a first-class demonstration, and played a good role as the main force in building a global digital trade center in Zhejiang. The Pilot Free Trade Zone is becoming an important platform for linking domestic big circulation and domestic and international double circulation, and building a new development pattern of services.

As the first cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area in China, a series of mature experiences and practices such as “six systems and two platforms” explored and formed in Hangzhou have been replicated and extended to 132 pilot cities of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas in China, and Hangzhou has become an innovative highland and a blessed land for cross-border e-commerce. In the Ministry of Commerce’s “Evaluation of cross-border electronic commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone in 2021”, Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone ranked first in China with “remarkable results”. Hangzhou has the world’s largest B2B platform Alibaba International Station, the world’s second-ranked B2C platform AliExpress, and the world’s fifth-ranked B2C platform Lazada; Cross-border e-commerce benchmarking enterprises stand out, with 22 “2022 Hangzhou Cross-border e-commerce benchmarking enterprises” and 24 “2022 Hangzhou Cross-border e-commerce potential enterprises” in Cainiao network. There are nearly 50,000 cross-border e-commerce stores in Hangzhou, and there are 219 leading enterprises with an annual cross-border e-commerce transaction volume of over 10 million USD. There are 457 cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises with a scale of more than 20 million yuan, and 2,085 registered trademarks of cross-border e-commerce enterprises. 30 brands of 27 enterprises rank among the well-known brands of cross-border e-commerce export in Zhejiang, accounting for one third of the province’s total. The first seller training center in the Asia-Pacific region opened by Amazon has landed in Hangzhou.

In the past two years, digital trade has been demonstrated first, and it has become a pioneer. The level of digital industry has jumped, striving for the first place; Digital financial industry cooperates with research, going hand in hand; Digital logistics hub is built, and the core is highlighted; Digital governance has remarkable energy efficiency and intelligence.

In the past two years, it has made rapid progress; For the two years, digital empowerment has been displayed. Hangzhou area of Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone is constantly building a digital pilot free trade zone to help build a global digital trade center.


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