August 10, 2022: Hongsong has proudly announced that the highly accomplished former CEO of Qunar.com Air Ticket Division and former Vice President of Qunar Group, Qiu Hui has joined Hongsong as the Head of Operations of the Service Center. The announcement was made by the Hongsong Founder and CEO Li Qiao on August 8th, 2022, while announcing the company’s organizational structure upgrade in an internal letter to all employees.

Founded two and a half years ago, Hongsong is a globally renowned interest and life service platform for retired people, and it has recently emerged as the largest online interest and life service platform  for the middle-aged, retired, and elderly people in China. With its dedicated team and visionary leadership, Hongsong has reached many significant milestones in such a short span of time, and it is about to explore the travel sector, which is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

“We  are pleased to have established a marketing and sales center, an operation service center, a platform business center and a research and development center to make the division of labor between business departments clearer and the collaboration clearer and smoother.” Said Li Qiao, the Founder and CEO of Hongsong, while announcing the major organizational structure upgrades at Hongsong. “We have also established finance, business analysis, human resources, legal affairs, government relations, and public relations departments in our organization.” He added. The five functional departments means that the company’s organizational structure tends to be more mature and complete.

Hongsong is emerging as a leader of the silver economy and within two and a half years since its foundation, it has successfully launched three major product brands. These include Hongsong Station, Fengjin Class, and the third one is Guanyu Painting and Calligraphy. These brands are covering hundreds of interest courses such as vocal music, calligraphy, painting, dance, and health, and the toral number of users taking advantages of these courses has exceeded 10 million.

The number of netizens aged 50 and above accounted for 14% of the total netizens in  China when Hongsong was founded in 2019. By June 2021, this number has rapidly increased to 28%, which makes it the fastest growing segment of the population. Silver Traffic thrives on two sources, which include middle-aged and elderly people that are fairly new to the Internet connectivity.

“The increasing global aging, China’s booming retirement population and, the global coverage of the mobile internet in the past ten years have jointly created opportunities that Hongsong can strive for.” Said Li Qiao, while talking about the current situation of Silver Traffic in China. “We hope to allow users to learn knowledge and make friends and enjoy a high-quality retirement life.” He added. The demand for Internet products and services increases after retirement and the demand for internet products is far more than the supplies at present. Hongsong aims to bridge that gap and has adopted the “interest class live broadcast” which is not so unfamiliar to retired people.


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