As of mid-2023, market confidence in the economic recovery has waned due to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse. The long-awaited spring in the financial sector does not seem to have arrived as expected. However, the cryptocurrency finance industry has a booming atmosphere compared to traditional finance. Since the beginning of 2023, the North American cryptocurrency finance platform FINTOCH has been holding frequent public blockchain launch events around the world. Recently, it even came to Jeju Island, South Korea, to have an unprecedentedly large gathering of local cryptocurrency technology talent and the cryptocurrency finance market for in-depth exchanges.

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It is reported that North American cryptocurrency finance platform FINTOCH held a public blockchain launch event on Jeju Island, with the company sending its leadership team, including Chairman William Thompson to attend.

The event attracted many supporters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts from the Asia-Pacific region, with significant participation both online and offline. Even for Korea, a country with a developed financial industry, It was a rare and grand occasion even for Korea, a country with a well-developed financial sector.

In addition to the exciting technology trends and business insights shared at the event, there was a dazzling live musical performance that made this essentially serious business launch event as exciting as a concert. In addition, the public blockchain launch event in Jeju was the first of its kind for FINTOCH after the release of the FTC blockchain’s white paper, which is a major focus of the company’s plans for this year, making it a topic of interest.

Mr.William Thompson mentioned that FINTOCH has performed remarkably well since the start of 2023, not only have many projects exceeded their targets, but the development of the FTC blockchain is progressing better than expected and it will be up and running as expected.The launch of the FTC blockchain will mark a new phase in FINTOCH’s business development, bringing the company closer to its goal of listing on NASDAQ.

Chairman of the Board William Thompson

Industry analysts believe that compared to recent setbacks in the traditional finance industry, the advantages of the innovative financial ecosystem built by cryptographic technology are more prominent. In fact, blockchain technology was invented to a large extent to solve the problems of the traditional finance industry. The overly centralized financial ecosystem has experienced multiple institutional bankruptcies and runs, with ordinary people having the most lose.

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FINTOCH’s security technology has made decentralized financial services more easily accepted by the public. The breakthrough and combination of “multi-signature technology” and “zero-knowledge proof” not only avoids the drawbacks of centralization but also makes it easier to use than most DeFi services. On the basis, FINTOCH’s FTC public chain will further integrate with the traditional financial industry, allowing more funds to flow to those who need them and enabling more efficient resource allocation. The emergence of the FTC public chain is expected to enable users in less economically developed regions to enjoy the convenience of innovative financial services, making it possible for third world countries to “bend the curve”.

Looking ahead, with the launch of the FTC public chain and the listing of FINTOCH on NASDAQ, most analysts believe that FINTOCH will become an undeniable new force in the financial industry in the future, and that brand supporters and investors will be well rewarded.


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