FINTOCH received recognition as one of the world’s top ten Web3 technology innovators at the recent World WEB3 Summit in Hong Kong. The event, which was held on March 26 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and the Metaverse, was supported by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which is keen to develop Hong Kong into an international virtual asset center.

The summit attracted government officials and industry leaders from around the world, including from Tron, Huawei, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, OKX, and FINTOCH. The event included the 12th World Metaverse Congress, the Metaverse Innovation Contest, and an awards ceremony.

Despite recent events in the DeFi market, the summit demonstrated the resilience of the industry and the commitment of its practitioners to improving the market environment. FINTOCH, based in America, was recognized for its efforts to improve blockchain security and develop powerful security technology that provides users with secure, efficient, and leveraged financial services. The company’s innovative technology has previously recognised at the North American Blockchain Summit and has now won the “Top 10 Web3 Technology Innovation Award” at the World WEB3 Summit, highlighting the company’s impact on the industry.

FINTOCH has been actively developing the Asian market and has recently toured China, Macau, Shenzhen and Malaysia to engage with users. The company’s senior management attended the World WEB3 Summit in Hong Kong to witness FINTOCH’s moment of glory under the leadership of Chairman William Thompson

Industry insiders noted that while this is not the first time that FINTOCH has won an award for its technology, its recognition at the World WEB3 Summit in Hong Kong undelines the company’s influence in the Asia-Pacific region. It is also a major boost to the company’s FTC public chain plan for this year. The company is set to release the whitepaper for its FTC public chain and a list of top exchanges by the end of March or early April.

The summit, which was attended by industry leaders, is expected to attracted the attention of many exchange operators to FINTOCH.In addition, the company has announced a series of conferences scheduled for April in Asia-Pacific region, including in Korea, Hong Kong, India, and Nigeria. The company has also announced that its annual conference in Singapore will be held on 12 July as planned, with details of the event to be announced in due course. Interested attendees can apply for a Singapore visa in advance.

Industry observers unanimously agree that security will be the key to the future of the DeFi industry. Only with strong security technology the industry can be supported and developed. Therefore, DeFi companies like FINTOCH, which are based on security technology, are expected to attract a large amount of capital, application developers and users to build an innovative DeFi ecosystem and write a new chapter in the financial industry.


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