Hong Kong, China–(May 1, 2023) – Fintoch Hong Kong Web3.0 Financial Summit Forum has conducted an in-depth discussion on the application and impact of Web3.0 technology in the financial field. This time, three heavy hitters, who come from the financial, academic and technical circles respectively, were specially invited. The first person, James Beeland Rogers Jr. (Mr. Jim Rogers), is the founder of Quantum Funds. The second heavy hitter is Mr. Zhu Jiahua, an academic doctor from Taiwan, China. Zhu was a special correspondent of Hong Kong Asia Weekly in Malaysia, a former columnist of Sin Chew Daily, as well as being the former president of Southern University College in Malaysia, a position that he has stepped down from and has now transitioned into being the executive consultant for the college. The third heavy hitter is Mr. Huang Jinqiu, who has a strong background in computer science from the University of Lincoln in the UK. He is a senior journalist of Hong Kong Asia News Weekly and a producer of “Dialogue Brand” on China Central Television.

Chairman of the Board William Thompson

The three heavy hitters shared their research and practical experience in the fields of Web3.0, blockchain, digital assets, smart contracts, decentralized finance, etc. on the Fintoch Hong Kong Web3.0 Financial Summit Forum, and discussed how Web3.0 technology can change the structure of the financial business and financial market.

James Beeland Rogers Jr

Fintoch Web3.0 Finance Summit Forum invites VIPs such as Rogers to discuss topics related to the same rights of currency and shares, creating opportunities for users, investors and professional scholars to establish close relationship so as to enable them to join forces in exploring the infinite possibilities of Web3.0 finance. In Hong Kong, Fintoch has reached the pinnacle of the Web3.0 financial era. Fintoch will, as always, persistently promote various technological innovations and product optimizations.

Mr. Zhu Jiahua

Fintoch Web3.0 Financial Summit Forum not only attracted thousands of guests, but also invited the well-known singing duo “Power Station” from Taiwan, China to add the flavor.

After experiencing the initial thriving period and mid-term shock period, Web3.0 has now shown a trend of steady development and growth. In the process of decentralization, some users in the financial industry have also continuously obtained industry dividends from it. In view of this, the much-anticipated Fintoch Hong Kong Web3.0 Financial Summit Forum was successfully held in such a background.


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