On May 12, 2023, Fintoch from the United States held a public event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which was an important occasion for Fintoch to showcase its latest blockchain technology applications to the global financial technology industry.

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The event attracted the attention and participation of representatives and experts from many countries around the world, including the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Taiwan, China, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, the United States, Jamaica, Ghana, and fully demonstrated Fintoch’s leading position in the field of technology application and its influence on the global financial technology industry.

At the press conference, Fintoch received attention and expectations from world-class authoritative experts in the field of blockchain for FTC. Jack Yehoshua, Executive Director of the United Nations World Blockchain Group, Nasser, initiator of the Dubai Blockchain Center, and Yael Tamar, representative of the United Nations World Blockchain Organization in Israel, as special guests of the conference, delivered speeches describing the development trends of blockchain, And expressed a beautiful wish for the future development of Fintoch (Fentou Fun).

Mr. William, Chairman of Fintoch’s Board of Directors, stated that the launch of FTC Public Chain is an important innovation in Fintoch’s fintech field and a contribution to the global fintech industry. In the future, Fintoch will continue to strengthen its technological research and application promotion of FTC public chain.

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The FTC public chain is an extensible public chain that uses consensus mechanisms and encryption algorithms to provide cross-border payment and settlement services for global financial institutions and enterprises. At the same time, FTC public chain also supports the development and application of decentralized financial products (DApps), achieving asset digitization and circulation, and providing users with more convenient financial services.

With the release of FTC public chain and Fintoch’s listing on NASDAQ becoming the starting point of innovation milestones, Fintoch will be a new force that cannot be underestimated in the future financial industry. At that time, it will bring value and benefits to more users and investors, and promote the stable development of the entire industry.


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