In March spring arrived, and Sohu Food Channel’s “Ambassador’s Kitchen” entered the Swedish Embassy with Qinghua Fenjiu, a famous Chinese wine.

“Ambassador’s Kitchen” is a program founded by Sohu Food Channel that supports the concept of “the taste buds can reach what the footsteps can’t”. By breaking the dimensional wall between diplomacy and audiences, Chinese audiences are able to experience exotic food cultures and form the Belt and Road on their tongues.

Are the dumplings made of potatoes delicious? Can beetroot also be used as a dessert? With these questions, Sohu’s “Ambassador’s Kitchen” walked into the Swedish Embassy. “The staple food today is a traditional Swedish potato dumpling, which is actually a vegetarian dumpling with white bamboo shoots and the typical Swedish lingonberry sauce.” Chef Mattias Lundahl explained.

Sweden, which is long and narrow in the north and south, eats dumplings as well, and like China, different regions make dumplings in different ways. Made of fresh potatoes, with fresh vegetables, the fragrant, non-greasy Swedish dumpling is so different from Chinese dumplings.

As opposed to Chinese people’s perception of desserts, Sweden has a love for desserts that is unmatched. For this time, Chef Mattias Lundahl used Swedish beetroot for dessert. He made desserts with beetroots, chocolate, egg white, cream, etc., because the beetroot is naturally sweet, making him healthier than the usual desserts.

Wine is a natural accompaniment to food. The sponsor of this program, the famous Chinese wine Qinghua Fenjiu, actually has a relationship with Sweden. In 1921, Swedish archaeologist Anderson and Chinese scholars discovered the Yangshao Culture and the Xinghua Village site. Wine vessels were also discovered, and the appearance of wine glasses marked the beginning of wine culture in China and even around the world. As a traditional wine from Xinghua village, Qinghua Fenjiu has continuously expanded overseas markets simultaneously with the Belt and Road and the Asian Civilization Conference. The rich diplomatic scene of this program can provide strong international support for the Fenjiu brand and accelerate its pace towards the world stage. It can be said that the cooperation between Qinghua Fenjiu and “Ambassador’s Kitchen” is natural and complementary.

Zhang Weidong, General Manager of Fenjiu International Trade Co., Ltd. and Helena Sångeland, Swedish Ambassador to China

With the launch of “Ambassador’s Kitchen”, Fenjiu, as a classic symbol of Chinese culture, was passed on to the Swedish ambassador, offering a strategic direction to expand overseas markets. Firstly, by building a multilevel international marketing system for Fenjiu, we will create a competitive advantage for Fenjiu. Secondly, through international exchange activities, establish the international image of Fenjiu, and increase the overseas popularity, recognition, reputation, and market influence of Fenjiu. I believe that through this show, more eyes will be focused on Chinese liquor culture.


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