United Arab Emirates, Dubai September 7, 2021 – DxTalks CEO Rudy Shoushany was featured in Entrepreneur Herald as Top 10 CEOs To Look Out For In 2022.

Rudy is a technology leader and an active speaker in the Technology Field he is also a Founder of serial startups DxTalks, CryptoTalks, and his consultancy BCCManagement.

As a Successful professional with more than 22 years in IT Governance, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Blockchain, and web 3 Strategies.

Prior to being the CEO of DxTalks and founding startups, Rudy was in the financial world serving as the head of Technology Governance in leading financial institutions in the Arab world.

In 2021 Rudy was Selected as a top 50 Global Thought leader and Top 100 Influencer in Technology Governance and became a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Rudy usually serves as a judge, and mentor for different international and regional startup initiatives, and awards.

Rudy is finalizing his new book about quitting your job and getting started as an entrepreneur and he heavily Goes by one motto, knock on doors, or knock them downWEBSITE URL





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