On April 17th, 2023 Global Dongfeng Dealership Summit kicked off in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Over 100 people from more than 30 countries and regions, including Chile, Norway, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, attended the Summit, learning about Dongfeng’s overseas business development strategy, technology research and development achievements, product planning, etc., further building consensus, deepening cooperation and common development.

2023 Global Dongfeng Dealership Summit kicked off

At the Summit, a report entitled “New Leap, Build Dream, Win Future” was given, and the development of Dongfeng’s overseas business in 2022 was reviewed, and the medium-and long-term goals of Dongfeng’s overseas business development and key work measures in the next three years were put forward. Afterwards, the core independent brand strategy, products and technologies were introduced.

At the Summit, Dongfeng also displayed the representative products and core powertrain products of the whole department, which were watched and praised by overseas dealers and partners.

The continuous deepening of overseas markets and the successful establishment of brand image are inseparable from the efforts of every dealer partner. During the Summit, an award ceremony was held to commend the outstanding dealer partners who made outstanding contributions to Dongfeng’s overseas business in 2022. The partners who participated in the Summit said that they would work together with Dongfeng to create new achievements.

Finally, Dongfeng’s leader, after welcoming and thanking the overseas dealers, said that Dongfeng would unswervingly take customers as the center, take the initiative to embrace electrification, continue to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, and enhance the confidence of overseas dealers.

After the Summit, a more in-depth product introduction meeting was held, and overseas dealers were organized to visit the headquarters, technical center and independent brand factory of Dongfeng, and test-drive various models.

Towards the future, Dongfeng will adhere to the “long-term doctrine”, deepen overseas markets, lift the level of localization cooperation between dealers and investors via the leap-forward development of core elements such as commodities, channels, marketing and services, and localization, and share overseas development achievements with dealers and partners for a win-win future.


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