On November 4, 2022, Dongfeng held a grand launch conference of DONGFENG KL and DONGFENG KR in Da Nang, Vietnam, at which the two trucks were launched.

Vietnam is an important partner of “the Belt and Road Initiative” and an extremely important overseas market for Dongfeng. Considering the characteristics of the Vietnamese market and customer demand, Dongfeng continuously upgraded technology, products, marketing and service, and fully introduced the newly developed DONGFENG KL and DONGFENG KR, which are safe, reliable, economical, efficient, intelligent and comfortable, into the Vietnamese market.

Dongfeng New Trucks KL, KR Unveiled in Vietnam

After the unveiling ceremony, dealers and customers did test-driving and closely experienced the reliable performance of Dongfeng trucks. Through personal experience and feelings, everyone praised the humanized design, operation convenience and driving comfort of the vehicle.

After actual driving, the dealer manager of the central and northern regions of Vietnam said that the Dongfeng trucks of the new platform not only refresh everyone in appearance, but also have a new improvement in the operation convenience and driving comfort of the central control platform of the cab. The high-powered engine equipped meets the trunk logistics and meets the needs of local customers in Vietnam. As a result, dealers have doubled their confidence in the future sales of Dongfeng trucks.

Also, Dongfeng will keep strengthening the brand’s “soft power” and plan a series of localized brand promotion and publicity activities, including TV advertising, road sign advertising and unified VI logo images.

In the future, Dongfeng will keep deepening the Vietnamese market, constantly improve vehicle performance with market changes, and achieve breakthroughs in market segments with advanced products and professional and efficient services, so that customers can see the excellence of Dongfeng’s new platform products in appearance, reliability and economy.


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