D.G. Lampaulus as known as DG rapidly emerged to become one of the shining artists.  DG’s paintings are colorful, full of surprises, joyful, provides spiritual healing and harness deep understandings on hopes and man’s relevance to the universe.

Raised by a multinational family, DG possesses unique sense of perception and nurtured him to think differently.  DG likes to use his paintings to describe and dissect incidence, theories, and spread philosophical ideas.  His unique style of painting triggers the viewers to relate and reflect their childhood and current of life.  This emotional imprint to viewers’ minds lead to many followers and idolizes his art.

DG’s work is vibrant at the same time bounded deep meanings to life.  He uses colorful characters to represent his interpretation to ideas.  The outlandish yet controlled style caught great attention, including International Gallery Group – Dotard Village which represented and curated his art.  One of the pieces was also picked up for USD360K and soon after the gallery commissioned his next 3 series of work.  DG is truly a rare and talented artist with unparalleled uniqueness, a master and legacy in the making.

This fall 2021, DG invites all to participate in this emotional art journey on the following schedule.

Oct23th – Oct31th #Newcastle Biscuit Factory Art Gallery

Nov6th-Nov14th #Edinburgh Black Ivy Hotel

Nov27th – Dec12th #Manchester Old Trafford

Dec18th- Dec30th #London Quintessentially


DG will showcase his latest series of paintings which features Trinity versus Lucifer to debate between perceptions of good and evil, angels versus demon. Painting’s pseudo time machine, bringing the viewers back in time to debate past perceptions. What’s deemed right in the past may not seem right now, DG leaving the viewers a lot to ponder.

With covid spinning the world out of control, DG is also trying to spread life and hope through his works, as to be your comfort.

DG will be exhibiting during this period in UK and it’s a great exhibition not to be missed.


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Website https://dglampaulus.com

FB https://www.facebook.com/DGLampaulus

IG https://www.instagram.com/d.g.lampaulus/

Gallery information https://dotardvillage.com/en/



Find these 5 above pictures, from this link.  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1glelF2JpNb_nXU4B6ib9j-AO6hmWNo9N

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