TRON(TRX) is the three major blockchain ecosystems jointly developed by global blockchain developers, following the concept of “centralized network and decentralized network”. The income is settled on the same day, and you can become a mine owner for free.

UCTRX computer cloud mining official link:




Company legal white paper:


How to obtain TRX:

  1. Log in to our website Registration referral code: OrL1k2d
  2. Anyone who owns the TRX platform can easily obtain TRX. After purchasing TRX, you can transfer funds to our TRON cloud mining smart contract address through the TRC-20 channel address.
  3. The investment income of the basic wallet is as follows, and the investment amount will be calculated cumulatively.

Registration reward: 6000Trx

You can log in to the platform to copy your invitation link and send it to your friends or forward your invitation link to Twittre, YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora and other social software for them to register and use investment.

Due to this epidemic, most people began to choose online investment. Mining is one of the most popular investment project.

The China Box takes no responsibility of the business in the above AD article, notice from The China Box: Mining is risky, discretion is advised.

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