COVOS is the “global digital economy investment management platform” and the first one-stop service platform for digital asset investment management in the world. It unites millions of people to explore the world of DeFi and Web3.0 in a simple, clear and interesting way.

COVOS is another example of the upcoming virtual world, which is an interconnected virtual world that technical geniuses tend to regard as the “next generation Internet”. The government regards it as the engine of the next generation digital economy; Writers and philosophers of science fiction are more concerned about its relationship with human existence and civilization evolution.

COVOS previously raised 50 million dollars in October 2021. Although it did not disclose the scale of this round of financing today, it has raised 100 million dollars so far. Participants in this round of financing include the World Health Organization Fund and the World Sports Organization Fund, and many venture capital institutions are involved.

This fund will be used to support and expand COVOS, the first sports and fitness game of COVOS Group. This is an experience game based on personal health and business. Athletes can buy COVOS store sneakers in the app store to get considerable profits, which is considered by the World Sports Organization as a fusion of physical and digital dimensions.

Note: COVOS is currently in the public testing stage, and the contents in the white paper may change in the future.

The mission of COVOS

The ultimate mission of COVOS is to promote a more creative and interesting world by coordinating physical life online, create a virtual world experience, and increase the daily health and interests of ordinary users by buying finished shoes in stores. This is the mission entrusted to COVOS by the World Health Organization and the World Sports Organization. COVOS allows users to explore, collect and share, while enhancing our ability to build, trade and be healthy together.

Community and economy

The most valuable component of any project is people. Regardless of the knowledge and skills in the field of blockchain and digital assets, anyone can become an active user of the platform application. COVOS is creating its own business school, in which educational materials will be provided to everyone in a simple and easy-to-understand form for free.

The project brings together many influencers, lifestyle bloggers and opinion leaders, with a total audience of over 100 million subscribers. All of them have successfully formed their own communities. Now, COVOS is working with them to build a united community.

All COVOS applications, unlike many we are used to, rely on an open, user-owned blockchain economy, and everyone can really own and trade their assets. In COVOS, users can have fun or work hard to achieve ambitious goals, while obtaining resources with real monetary value due to the free economic system and the needs of other users.

History and development of COVOS

“COVOS has opened a new path at the intersection of games, health and e-commerce,” the managing partner of COVOS said in a statement. However, a wave of consumers’ ability to integrate with big brands in sports shoes community is only the beginning of development. It combines real life with virtual world.

COVOS is about to occupy a leading position in this fast-growing virtual world by providing a unique healthy consumer experience through real or virtual brands that are particularly attractive to the market and combining virtual, social and physical games.

COVOS is preparing to launch an irreplaceable NFT series in the near future. Players will be able to collect NFT sneakers and transfer them to others, hoping to pass on health and profits.

Since COVOS virtual health running shoes came out, they have been loved by people all over the world who care about health and sports.

Mullins, chief technology officer of COVOS, said that it is expected to expand from sports shoes to other clothing this year. It is expected that COVOS will hold a global fitness competition in 2023, so as to stimulate people’s enthusiasm for some fitness activities involving games.


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